Spring clean your fitness routine, not just your home!

With Spring starting to peep through the icy winter, the new season is often associated with a fresh start for many! From decluttering your home or office space to cleaning up your eating habits and fitness goals – there is bound to be something you want to refresh.

Head of Marketing at Ignite Fitness, Kerry-Anne Mathieson, says that they see a big influx of current and new members visiting their gyms around Spring. “There is a general downward trend of gym access during the colder months, with people opting to stay indoors rather than sweat it out at the gym – it’s human nature!”, she laughs. “With the warmer weather and longer days around the corner, people are more likely to hit the gym again!” she says.

Ignite Gyms

Just like you refresh your home after the winter period, your fitness routine could do with a spring clean, too. Eduan James, Fitness Specialist for Ignite Fitness, shares his top 5 tips on how you can get yourself motivated and geared up for the warmer, more beautiful summer months ahead – all while eating healthy, staying active and smashing goals:

  1. Do it for yourself! Something as personal as training, eating healthier, and being more mindful and intentional with our bodies should be, well…a personal choice. This way, you’re holding yourself accountable for making the necessary changes, “although having a great support system at the gym is what will help solidify your new fitness habit” says Eduan.
  2. Be consistent! 30 minutes of training daily will yield more results than 3 hours every 2nd week. Be consistent with your training programme as well as your eating plans. “I know how hard it can be sometimes, but the more you do it, the more you’ll want to do it.” he adds.
  3. That said, start small and be realistic! Nothing is more demotivating than having these lavish ideas of the perfect body and daily Green Goddess smoothies and then falling off the wagon. Start small and build as you progress – YES, have a goal but be realistic with your journey. No one transforms overnight.
  4. Get a friend to join you! Ask one of your close friends (or make new ones at the gym!) to join you as you embark on your new health and fitness journey. This way, you both can keep each other accountable, and when you want to go out for some cake on a Saturday, do it together and enjoy it. “A healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun and balanced, so why not enjoy it with someone with the same goals as you?” says Eduan.
  5. Lastly, try everything and choose what works for you! With the Pump Factory, Rumble Arena, Functional Rigs, Bounce, Yoga, Running, Group Training classes and more – there’s a lot on offer. “We recommend trying it all and deciding which type of training makes you and your body happy (and wanting more). Mental, as well as physical strength is key, and both can be achieved in the gym!” he says.

Ignite Gyms

If you have never been to Ignite Fitness, you can expect euphoric music, open spaces, the latest equipment and lighting. Whether you opt for a morning, lunch or evening session — it’s always a vibe!

Ignite Fitness gyms include: Cape Town (St. George’s Mall), Claremont (Stadium on Main), Somerset West, Milnerton (Centre Point Mall), Rosebank (Rosebank Mall), Southgate, Menlyn (Menlyn Park Shopping Centre), Randburg, Walmer, and Greenacres.

To try out some of the Ignite Fitness Arenas, feel free to book your free spot here.