Holy Moses

Holy Moses – the fiery peri-peri sauce taking Cape Town by storm

On the fringe of the city of Cape Town lies Woodstock: an eclectic neighbourhood that is like no other in the city. It’s a melting pot of the cultures that make up Cape Town; a hub of creativity, expression and flavour. It’s fitting that, in the heart of this neighbourhood, the Holy Moses brand was born: a fermented peri-peri sauce with a feisty sidekick, the chilli-eating claymation Blue Moses.

Holy Moses is fast becoming a cult brand found in fridges across Cape Town. The peri-peri sauce is based on a traditional recipe and is packed with red chilli, white grape vinegar, garlic, apple juice, lemon juice and more. A six-week ferment time amps up the flavour, and results in a complex, fiery sauce. Holy Moses contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It’s pasteurised, vegan and sugar- and gluten-free.

Holy Moses

Blue Moses, the daring chilli-eating claymation man, is the Holy Moses brand ambassador. He shares doses of fiery delight on Instagram and delights viewers with his sampling of magnificent chillies in every colour and form: red, yellow, purple, twisted, lumpy, squiggly. No capsicum is too crazy and no Scoville scale is too spicy! Move over Hot Ones: Blue Moses is trying them all.

The Holy Moses story stems from a quirky interpretation of the ancient old story; the well-known tale that transcends religion. The burning bush, drawing parallels to a flaming chilli, tells a story of surprise and delight; an expression of the unexpected. Holy Moses, much like its origins in the wonderful Woodstock, connects across all languages, cultures, religions and races.

Follow Blue Moses and his Holy Moses brand as they embark on spicy adventures on Instagram and beyond. Follow them online at @holymoses_goods.

Find Holy Moses fermented peri-peri sauce at Arthurs Mini Super, Nude Foods and Wild Sprout (Kenilworth and Constantia).

For more information on Holy Moses and Blue Moses contact holymosesgoods@gmail.com.