NUXE Super Serum [10] – the universal age-defying concentrate

Skin behaves as if it were 10 years younger

Created from a fusion of our No. 1 expertise in anti-ageing(1) and No. 1 expertise in oils(2) in French pharmacies, Super Serum [10] incorporates, for the 1st time, the benefits of a cutting-edge green technology: 100% natural microfluidic encapsulation of fractionated botanical oils. This innovation underpins its unique clean formula containing Natural Hyaluronic Acid infused with thousands of botanical golden spheres. An exceptional natural concentrate offering ultimate performance and pleasure to the power of 10 for all women, of any age: skin behaves as if it were 10 years younger(3).

R1260.00 – 30ml bottle

Natural-origin ingredients. *Vegan formula with no ingredients or derivatives of animal origin.
(1) IQVIA – PharmaOne Pharmatrend – anti-ageing market for women (82B5 et 82D2A), in pharmacies in France – MAT September 2020 – in volume. (2) IQVIA –PharmaOne Pharmatrend
& Paratrend – Women’s body care oil market (82F1E and 82K6), in pharmacies and pharma/parapharmacies in France – MAT July 2020 – in volume and value. (3) In vitro test.


A jewel of performance and sensoriality

The Super Serum [10] innovation: NUXE has used, for the first time in one of its care products, 100% natural microfluidic encapsulation, a revolutionary green technique that eliminates the need for silicone. The fractionated botanical oils are naturally encapsulated in the form of thousands of micro-spheres, delicately infused one by one in a serum base with Natural Hyaluronic Acid, in the form of botanical golden pearls.

Isolated and protected until application, these 2 phases help to preserve the full power of the ingredients and deliver them more efficiently, penetrating the skin’s surface layers for extrao. They come together on contact with the skin to create a unique sensorial experience: the refreshing sensation of the serum texture contrasts with the silky feel of the micro-spheres of botanical oils that melt divinely over the skin. 

A texture praised by 100%(1) OF WOMEN who had the opportunity to try it: pure pleasure! 

(1) Use test – 31 women – satisfaction % after 28 days of use.


A subtle olfactory crescendo

Preciously encapsulated in the heart of the micro-balls, the scent unveils its light, fresh and botanical notes on application. Like an invigorating sap, it develops progressively on contact with the skin. The top note, a hint of galbanum lifted by mint evokes the rustling leaves of plants. In the heart, a procession of flowers (lime, rose and violet) advance with silky petals. The comforting sensation of a musky base finally envelops the skin like a velvet caress.

“Super-performance” proven in vitro on 3D micro-dermises(1)

Super Serum [10] stimulates youth mechanisms for skin that functions as if it were 10 years younger(2). Its effectiveness has been evaluated by a cutting-edge technology using 3D micro-dermises. These innovative models are made up of over 10,000 cells to create a very realistic reproduction of the skin’s functioning. The study compared an untreated micro-dermis with a micro-dermis that was 10 years older (untreated, then treated with Super Serum [10]).

Skin cells function as if they were 10 years younger(2). 

(1) 40-year-old and 50-year-old micro-dermis models. (2) In vitro test. 


From the 1st drops, skin appears transformed(2):

  • smoother
  • plumper
  • luminous

in a bottle, powerful anti-ageing correctiona <48(3):

  • wrinkles
  • firmness
  • dark spots 
(2) Use test – 31 women – satisfaction % immediately after application.
(3) Use test – 31 women – satisfaction % after 28 days of use.
NUXE Super Serum

Exceptional natural concentrate

The vegan formula(1) of Super Serum [10] contains 95% ingredients of natural origin, all exceptionally powerful and selected with painstaking care. In other words, the ‘holy grail’ of clean anti-ageing skincare, with no superfluous components! 

Natural hyaluronic acid
This hyaluronic acid is obtained by fermentation of plants, a botanical biotechnological process that respects biodiversity. It penetrates deep inside the skin to stimulate its youth mechanisms after 24 hours(2).

Fractionated botanical oils
They are encapsulated one by one using a natural silicone-free technique. After being reassembled with a selection of their most precious fatty acids they ensure perfect affinity with the skin.

Patented botanical complex with native Cells of Edelweiss
A botanical biotechnological process, cell culture, is used to multiply native cells of Edelweiss infinitely in a laboratory from a tiny fragment of plant. Their anti-ageing effectiveness is the subject of a patent.

Water and moisturising active ingredients 

(1) Formulated without ingredients or derivatives of animal origin. (2) In vitro study on fibroblasts



A gold, premiumcontainer, a bottle revealing the botanical gold of its texture in a beautiful transparency effect; a high-precision pipette that delivers the exceptional power of its precious content.


The bottle is made from glass, a 100% infinitely recyclable material. Its carton, made from FSC-certified paper sourced from sustainably managed forests, is also recyclable. The pipette is disposable with household waste.

(1) Waste sorting specifications may vary between different regions. We recommend that you check your local information or visit the website


30 Years of naturality, efficacy and sensoriality

Founded 30 years ago by the French entrepreneur Aliza Jabès, NUXE is a pioneering brand in natural-origin cosmetology in touch with women’s desires. NUXE skincare and fragrances, formulated and produced in France to demanding pharmacy standards and with respect for nature, are everyday pleasures: addictive textures and scents that evoke a real emotional response. The NUXE experience can also be discovered in NUXE spas: over 60 exceptional addresses in France and around the World encouraging reconnection of body and mind.

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