Genevieve Blanc de Blancs

Unveiling a Decade of Craftsmanship: Genevieve’s 2013 Blanc de Blancs Sparkles onto the Scene

From Sky to Vines: The Unlikely Journey of Melissa Nelsen

Most winemakers aren’t former pilots, but then again, Melissa Nelsen of Genevieve is anything but typical. Once flying the skies above Johannesburg, a twist of fate rerouted her life directly into the verdant vineyards of Bot River. Under the tutelage of wine maven Ross Gower, she’s transformed her multi-faceted background into a winemaking tour de force.

Genevieve Blanc de Blancs

The Soul of the Sip: Where Artistry and Vineyards Intersect
Nelsen crafts each bottle with the philosophy that winemaking is an art form, driven by more than just a desire to produce a beverage. She is inspired by the joy and unity that a bottle of bubbly can bring to a gathering, encapsulating that essence into every glass of Genevieve Cap Classique wine.

Pioneering Sustainability: More Than Just a Buzzword at Genevieve
Sustainability isn’t a box to check at Genevieve; it’s the cornerstone of their vineyard practices. With a commitment to eco-friendly methods that include pest management, biodiversity, and soil enrichment, Melissa Nelsen and her team are industry leaders in sustainability. Their focus isn’t just on the vineyard; it’s on the future of the planet.

Genevieve Blanc de Blancs

A Symphony in a Bottle: The 2013 Blanc de Blanc
After a decade of artistic pursuit and dedicated craftsmanship, Genevieve is thrilled to unveil its 2013 Blanc de Blanc. Perfected through the Recently Disgorged (RD) method, this vintage dazzles with a complex dance of fruit and brioche notes. The unique cool-climate terroir of Bot River, caressed by winds from Walker Bay and Bot River Lagoon, brings a rare complexity and depth to this exquisite sparkling wine.

The Wine that Will Redefine ‘Bubbly’: Be the First to Taste
Set your calendars for October 3rd. That’s when the world gets to meet Genevieve’s 2013 Blanc de Blancs, a sparkling wine that’s not just another bottle of ‘bubbly,’ but a unique experience that’s been years in the making.