Things to do: an invigorating Secret Sunrise

With the world still shrouded in pre-dawn darkness, you’ll arrive at the outdoor venue, collect a pair of wireless headphones and then, as the sun erupts over the eastern horizon, you’ll dance, or you’ll close your eyes and meditate.

This is Secret Sunrise, a global movement in 16 cities worldwide (and counting) that seeks to unite people through music, movement, and connection. But it was born right here, beneath African skies, where it’s now hosted in various stunning locations in and around Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, Garden Route, Johannesburg, and Mpumalanga in the Lowveld.

So, what exactly is Secret Sunrise all about? I don’t need to tell you that there’s a whole lot wrong with life in today’s relentlessly fast-paced, consumer-centric world. Chances are that you yourself are familiar with the incessant burn of the workplace and societal demand, and added to that pressure is a lack of authentic connection, movement, and presence.

Enter Secret Sunrise.
Held both at sunrise and sunset in outdoor locations chosen for their visual allure — like rooftops, mountains, parks, and beaches—Secret Sunrise brings together people for a baptism by sunlight while dancing or meditating their way to a healthier mindset. More than just being fun, it’s an experience that spiritually course-corrects; and a cure for a life lived incarcerated in the past or in anxious anticipation of the future.