Bulgari Serpenti

The 2024 Serpenti Viper Jewelry Collection: embrace your authentic nature

With its signature blend of essential aesthetics, mesmerizing suppleness and magnetic flair, Serpenti Viper represents the further evolution of Bulgari’s icon of metamorphosis. A collection that now welcomes five new jewellery creations, illustrating the snake’s innate power to evolve and take always new forms.

A symbol of endless transformation and perpetual renewal, since 1948 Bulgari’s Serpenti icon has been inspired by the metamorphic nature of the mythical creature by harnessing its primal energy, intricately linked to the profound sources of nature, that drives to embrace constant change. Gifted with a unique ability to shed its skin, this powerful symbol has served as an inspiration for Bulgari to create an ever-evolving and multifaceted collection always in tune with the times, in a process of constant rebirth.

Bulgari Serpenti

The 2024 jewelry references enrich the line with sleek must-have designs crafted in 18 kt yellow or rose gold and lit by a precious touch of demi pavé diamonds. While playing with the ultra-contemporary and versatile appeal of the distinctive stylized snake scale motif, the new creations maintain the collection’s signature enveloping lines that connect the creation with the wearer in a symbiotic embrace.

A true embodiment of Serpenti Viper’s essence, the new single wrapping ring, available in 18 kt rose and yellow gold, radiates confidence and charm with diamond accents enlivening the head and the tail of the snake’s abstracted body.

Bulgari Serpenti

The same captivating curves and modern lines, a tribute to Bulgari’s unrivalled artisanal mastery, define the striking earrings set in 18 kt rose or yellow gold. The essential interpretation of the emblematic scale is matched with the precious sparkle of diamond demi pavé touches, in a seamless blend of visual appeal and exquisite craftsmanship.

Iconic aesthetics and modern flair are also intertwined in the enchanting new pendant necklace. With a stylized 18 kt yellow gold snake magnificently coiling around a gold chain and enhanced by diamond pavé, this creation makes a statement of strength and charisma.

Completing the new set is an already beloved icon of the collection, the Serpenti Viper single coil bangle bracelet in 18 kt yellow gold with demi pavé diamonds, that invites to experiment different and ever-evolving styling options in combination with the latest creations. The contemporary appeal of yellow gold is brought to shine through its empowering embrace that wraps the wrist with a second-skin-effect.

Bulgari Serpenti

To be worn as stand-alone pieces or in an irresistible mix and match, the new creations perfectly incarnate Serpenti’s versatile and eternally contemporary spirit.

The new collection will be available on bulgari.com and in Bulgari boutiques worldwide starting from April 2024.