tashas invites customers to “meet” their new coffee

New bespoke blend to be rolled out to all South African locations

tashas is inviting coffee lovers from around the country to meet their new coffee. The group, which currently has cafes in 14 locations across South Africa has introduced a new bespoke blend of coffee – roasted with love in South Africa.

“We are as passionate about coffee as our customers are,” explains Natasha Sideris, founder and CEO of Tashas Group. “Since we regained our independence and 100% ownership of our brand, we have been searching for our own bespoke coffee blend that would meet our customers’ extremely high standards. And now we’ve found it.”

The new tashas blend is made from specialty grade coffee sourced directly from Timor-Leste, an independent island nation off the Indonesian Archipelago. Previously completely reliant on the production of oil, it has turned its focus to producing some of the world’s best coffee to create a sustainable income stream. The beans are sourced in partnership with Raw Material, a social enterprise committed to ensuring that 100% of the profit generated goes back to the farmers. It means the coffee is not only sustainably, but also ethically, sourced.

Once the beans arrive in South Africa, they are roasted by one of the best roasteries in South Africa exactly to tashas’ specification. The result is a beautiful bespoke dark chocolate, nuttikrust biscuit flavour profile with a hint of hazelnut.

“For the last few months, we’ve secretly been trialling this new bespoke blend that has been made just for us,” Natasha says. “And now, because our customers have said that it meets their high standards, it’s here to stay.”

A key component to each perfectly brewed cuppa is the tashas barista team. Across all tashas locations, the barista team has been trained by specialists to make sure that every cup they pour and serve, is perfect.

“We look forward to welcoming you into your closest café to meet our new blend,” she concludes.