Scotch Soda Winter Collection

Scotch & Soda’s Winter Collection 2021/22

Winter 2021 projects an effortless confidence inspired by trailblazing aviator Amelia Earhart. An icon who pushed boundaries in all senses in her life and style, her fearlessness and modern spirit are mirrored in bold designs which evolve Scotch & Soda’s signature play on the expected and unexpected.

Scotch Soda Winter Collection

Outerwear that combines form and function dominate, influenced by the bomber jackets Earhart wears in flight and the practicality that grounds her. A hybrid aviator style comes with a top layer that can be worn solo as a bomber; a shearling teddy and suede coat transitions into a gilet once the removable zip sleeves are subtracted; and a water-repellent cotton-twill parka padded with REPREVE® surprises by reversing into high-shine satin – jackets that bring unique functionality to the wardrobe.

Utility silhouettes nod to Earhart’s iconic look, which daringly connects masculine and feminine. Terracotta faux-leather and draped denim jumpsuits reference aviator overalls; a matching quilted sweater and trousers take on the appearance of an all-in-one, offering a contemporary view on uniform dressing. Khaki colour blocking gives toughness to dresses and skirts, while D-ring straps, pocketing, and billowy gathered sleeves that evoke parachute silks further the utilitarian feel.

Scotch Soda Winter Collection

“No borders, just horizons, only freedoms” and “The most effective way to do it, is to do it” – personal quotes from Earhart – inspire the collection with their sense of freedom and pragmatism, and can be found on jackets, sweatshirts and T-shirts.

  • Collection highlights
  • Uniquely functional jackets
  • Utility silhouettes
  • Exploration & nature prints
  • Oversized tailoring
  • Exaggerated denim cuts
  • Genderless loungewear
  • Day-to-night occasion wear
  • New capsule of leather accessories

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