Angostura & Monkey Shoulder

Old Fashioned Week: There’s Nothing Old Fashioned About This Classic

Celebrated around the world, Old Fashioned Week honours the easy-to-mix drink that has captured the attention of mixologists and drink connoisseurs through the ages… the one, the only, the Old Fashioned.

The story of the Old Fashioned goes back to the 1800s when locals would ask for their drink “made the old fashioned way” at their local watering hole. The earliest record of the recipe dates back to 1895 in Modern American Drinks: How to Mix and Serve All Kinds of Cups, Cocktails, and Fancy Mixed Drinks by George J Kappeler. Though, the Old Fashioned has had many shapes and forms (we even once drowned it with cocktail cherries), in modern times we’ve moved to its purer form. Muddled sugar with ANGOSTURA aromatic bitters, adding whisky and served over ice with orange zest – simplicity at its finest.

Old Fashioned Week

Initially started by Paris-based rum expert Cyrille Hugon and Maria Loca bar owner Michael Landart, the Old Fashioned Week has grown way past its 50 French bars. From 180 international bars in 2016 to 1,300 participating bars across 60 countries in 2018. And, regardless of the pandemic, today, the top cocktail destinations around the world put everything aside to honour this stirred drink.

This year, from 5 to 14 November, the annual 10-day event is cherished by discerning whisky drinkers who love a cocktail that pays tribute to its core ingredients. Of course, COVID-19 has put some of the festivities of the past on hold, it doesn’t mean you can’t partake in Old Fashioned Week with your friends and family. 

Angostura & Monkey Shoulder

Angostura & Monkey Shoulder

This year, we say let’s ‘monkey’ around with a Monkey Shoulder and ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters’ Lazy Old Fashioned – the perfect cocktail for friends. The Lazy Old Fashioned was expertly thought out, after many a session kicking back Old Fashioneds with friends, to give you the perfect 12 serves to make everyone happy. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it.

As a whisky created specifically to make the perfect whisky cocktails, Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky adds richness and vibrancy, while ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters ups the complexity of flavours to ensure a superior tasting cocktail. Perfection in a glass.

As new generations of drinkers fall for the Old Fashioned’s simple charm, our prediction is civilisation will be enjoying it for years to come. Because it’ll never not be cool! Show your support by serving the Lazy Old Fashioned at home.

Make it yourself

Lazy Old Fashioned

(serves 12)


  • A bottle of Monkey Shoulder
  • 90ml sugar syrup
  • 30ml ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters
  • Orange zest & twist (for garnish)


Remove 100ml of Monkey Shoulder from the bottle. Enjoy this with a friend before you jump into making your Lazy Old Fashioned. Add 90ml of sugar syrup directly into the Monkey Shoulder bottle. Add 30ml of ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters directly into the Monkey Shoulder bottle. Recork the Monkey Shoulder bottle and shake. Strain into glass with ice and add a garnish of orange zest and twist to each.

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