ANGOSTURA® bitters

Flavour Fusion: Exploring the Art of Mixology and Culinary Creativity

Expand your palette (and palate) with House of Angostura’s trio of bitters, for every cocktail occasion and in the kitchen too.

For over a century, ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters came in one distinctive format – so indispensable to the cocktail world that its unique oversized label is instantly recognisable on every bartender’s shelf. So why did this internationally acclaimed brand bring out not one but two new bitters, when the original is already a household name?

Think of it as broadening your brushstrokes and expanding your palette (and palate). While you can use the original ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters for every cocktail occasion, you can convey even more mixology finesse by choosing either ANGOSTURA® orange bitters or ANGOSTURA® cocoa bitters, when a cocktail calls for a certain flavour profile.

Versatile flavour profiles

What do ogres and onions have in common with ANGOSTURA® bitters? No, it’s not that they make you cry… As Shrek says, “Onions have layers, ogres have layers. We both have layers.” ANGOSTURA® bitters have so many layers it’s no wonder they are the go-to to add complexity to a cocktail in one easy dash. More than 40 secret herbs, fruits and spices (we know about cloves, cardamom, gentian, but many of the other ingredients remain a closely guarded secret) go into this bouquet of aromas, which convey instant depth, sophistication and nuance to the simplest of cocktails, tempering acidity and pulling all the ingredients into a harmonious pour.

Your cocktail box of tricks grows exponentially more versatile when you have all three ANGOSTURA® bitters at your fingertips. Each adds depth, complexity and balance, but also boasts their own individual flavour profiles.

Classic botanicals and aromatics

ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters is the one that generations of bartenders and home mixologists have grown up with. It’s the subtle hint of spice in an Old Fashioned, the whisper of wild herbs in a Manhattan, a mellowing influence on harsh spirits, and underlying layers of complex but balanced flavour.

Citrus brights

ANGOSTURA® orange bitters adds a burst of citrus and tropical brightness to your palate. There’s spice and depth too, but it’s the playfulness you grow to love. A natural partner to a negroni or a dry martini (you’ll wonder how you ever mixed a martini without it) it’s also a versatile ingredient in a whole range of vodka, gin and whisky cocktails.

Chocolate warmth and spice

ANGOSTURA® cocoa bitters takes the warm hug of Trinitario cocoa, adds a kiss of botanicals, some nutty caramel, and gives you the most indulgent of comfort-food flavour profiles. Think of it for an espresso martini, to add depth to rum cocktails and even with aged whisky or sweet vermouth.

ANGOSTURA® bitters

In the kitchen

The alchemy of ANGOSTURA® bitters goes beyond the cocktail cabinet. The original aromatic bitters has long been a secret ingredient in Trinidadian home recipes. They call it the salt and pepper of the bartender’s trade, but it’s more like a good stock in the kitchen, imparting an already balanced baseline of flavour to a dish. A dash added at the beginning of a soup or stew works its magic during the cooking process, subtly transforming the basic ingredients with layer upon layer of spice and botanicals.

Add ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters to bobotie or brede, slow-cooked beef or lamb stews and mince.

Use ANGOSTURA® orange bitters to add zest to chicken or fish dishes, or in citrus desserts and cakes.

ANGOSTURA® cocoa bitters can elevate any chocolate or coffee confectionary into a sophisticated palate pleaser. You can also add a dash to vanilla ice cream or into a hot chocolate drink for simple pleasures.

So, whether you’re a cocktail aficionado or a kitchen creative, stock up with all three ANGOSTURA® bitters flavours; you’ll thank us later. Our guidelines are a mere starting point – but there’s no need to treat it like painting by numbers. You’re creative, maverick, and free-thinking, so break all the rules and come up with your own combinations to explore the subtleties of each persuasion of ANGOSTURA® bitters.

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