Durbanville Hills Light

New launch: Durbanville Hills Light

A favourite among any wine enthusiast, Durbanville Hills, has launched their ‘Light’ range of low alcohol (and low in calories) wines.

The Durbanville Hills Light Chenin Blanc and Shiraz wines are both at 9% alcohol and around 30% lower in calories.

Martin Moore, Durbanville Hills’ Cellar Master, says taste is the most important factor in wine consumption decision making and even more so for wines lower in alcohol.

Durbanville Hills Light

“We wanted to create a low alcohol wine that does not compromise on taste or quality, that showcases our cool climate terroir and is a joy to drink. We certainly didn’t want to release a wine that would be reviewed as ‘fair or passable’, so we took our time in investigating all the options, including experimenting with the various methods of dealcoholisation.”

The taste is fruit-forward, well-balanced and not much change from the cool climate elegance that Durbanville Hills’ wines has been known for over the years.

The Durbanville Hills Light Chenin Blanc 2021 is clear in colour with olive green edges. Inviting vibrant tropical fruit, pear, lime, pineapple, paw-paw and floral notes unravel on the nose and leads to a refreshing, crisp taste brimming with fruit flavours.

Durbanville Hills Light

Although the Durbanville Hills Light Shiraz 2021 is a young wine, it is very drinkable.  The wine holds a ruby red colour with a lovely combination of ripe plum, black cherry, liquorice, hints of vanilla and star anise on the nose. It’s a mouth-filling wine with soft, silky tannins, sweet dark fruit and hints of vanilla.

Look out for their Light range in stores nationwide, ranging from around R79.99 per bottle.