House of Didie Didie Lips

House of Didie launches lip gloss in six stunning shades!

House of Didie launches its first ever cosmetic product, designed for the individual that dares to stand out in their uniqueness.  

House of Didie – the cosmetic brand that celebrates the uniqueness within us all, has announced the launch of its first ever cosmetic product, Didie Lips.

Didie Lips is a nude lip gloss range that offers six stunning colors that match any skin tone and allow for absolute room to play. Designed to intensely hydrate your lips all day while providing  slicker, shinier, soft and smooth lips.

House of Didie Didie Lips

Didie Lips colors

  1. Copper – go clear with a glassy tangerine POP of glitter!
  2. Mocha – the darker the juice, the sweeter the berry, with a luxurious scent of chocolate mocha
  3. Cinnamon – nude with a touch of orange for a fun & playful look!
  4. Gingerbread – delicious dark caramel undertone.
  5. Chocolate – its warm tone looks so good, you’d almost lick it off your lips.
  6. Tawny – keep it elegant, yet simple. Luxury

House of Didie lip gloss collection’s innovative formula provides moisturization and renaissance that lasts you for hours. Infused with mineral oils and vitamins, these glosses will bring brightness to the face and vibrancy to any makeup look. The glosses come in six stunning colors that unlock a pleasant flavor with every application.

House of Didie Didie Lips

According to co-founder and award winning actress Moliehi Didie Makobane, the range is more about celebrating uniqueness and letting your lips do the talking.

“Didie Lips is here to celebrate unorthodox beauty, it is here to include the uniqueness that has often been overlooked as not conventionally beautiful and most importantly, Didie Lips is here to empower the individual to share their story. That is to simply “let your lips do the talking.” said Moliehi

“It’s not just a cosmetic product that only represents beauty, but it is also a tool that serves as a personal reminder of how far we’ve come where self-acceptance is concerned.” added Makobane

House of Didie Didie Lips

Co-founder and Moliehi’s sister, Ntaoleng Langa expressed her excitement about the launch of the Didie Lips.

“I am excited about this launch, we have worked so hard in ensuring that this dream becomes a reality.” said Ntaoleng.

The glosses will be available and accessible from 25th August 2023 at 13:00 on