New FW23 Collection: the ultimate link connecting Desigual with a new generation of shoppers

Desigual has already lined up its next collection for the autumn-winter 2024 season. The range, which is based on the concept of The Link, speaks of merging, of a bridge that connects a New Desigual – the reinvention phase that the brand has been in for a while now – with its own heritage, through reinventions of milestone garments. It consists, therefore, of a set of designs that succeeds in catalysing trends and Desigual’s unique way of understanding fashion.

At the same time, the garments and accessories invite us to pass between different wearing occasions and concepts: day and night, feminine and masculine, black and white… While also reflecting a certain unseasonality, with fluid boundaries between summer and winter. The collection draws on myriad inspirations to deliver an authentic and personal fashion proposition, an invitation to be part of something universal and global.


Inspirations intrinsic to the collection

Natural tones: the colour palette, explored through digital tie dyes and patchwork animal print, connects us to the earth. Here we find a mix of casual and city looks with new finishes and new shapes, such as leather-effect garments and fitted dresses.

Desigual heritage: the brand’s most recognisable codes, but with a 2024 twist. The legendary “galactic” print has been reinvented, the iconic jewel coat has been reinterpreted and patchwork, made up, for example, of newspaper clippings, has been reclaimed. The garments transition between seasons and are coloured in fuchsia, blue and yellow, juxtaposed with more neutral tones.

Vegetation with a digital touch: prints inspired by nature, flowers and camouflage adorn garments that range from casual to sexy, encompassing all wearing occasions. Blue, black and different shades of green prevail on dresses, outerwear and accessories.

Florals & checks: flowers, whether hand-painted or digitally transformed, maxi or mini, in vibrant hues or on a black background, take centre stage on dresses, tops and skirts. Within this mix, there are transitional garments that coexist with other warmer pieces featuring different types of plaids.

From the office to after work: tailoring that stands out for its feminine, city style with trousers, suits and dresses that, thanks to their versatility, are perfect for work and going out. Black and white predominate, alongside hints of orange, on structured shapes with floral or illustration details.

Desigual x Monsieur Christian Lacroix: the French couturier puts forward an eclectic proposition featuring digital graphics of organic neons and blot-like designs, postcards of landscapes and tapestry, as well as borders and flowers with plenty of heritage. Highlights include faux-fur coats and dresses in a variety of shapes.

Licences: our collaboration with Disney continues and, this time, Disney’s Mickey Mouse is featured in full colour and a digital print format with distortion effects. Smiley© also returns, with very recognisable pieces and large prints. And, for the first time, we have The Rolling Stones with their striking red logo on sweatshirts and T-shirts.

In summary, this collection represents a balancing point between the serenity with which we are passing through the present moment and a palpable joie de vivre.





About Desigual
Desigual is an international fashion brand that was established in Barcelona in 1984. It is famous for the individuality and unique character of its creations, which aim to bring positivity and authenticity to thousands of people who want to express the best version of themselves. The company is currently in the midst of a period that is key to its future: a refresh of its image, its collections, its spaces and more, with the aim of attracting a new generation of consumers.

You can find this incredible new collection from February 2024 in-store at Sandton City or online