Body Kind Sports Bra

Lisa Raleigh launches South Africa’s first and only adjustable sports bra

Leading South African fitness icon, wellness celebrity and entrepreneur, Lisa Raleigh, has added the Body Kind Sports Bra to her range of premier wellness and fitness products.

The first and only of its kind in South Africa, the Body Kind Sports Bra is fully adjustable to individual body shape, making it the ultimate in sports and casual comfort for women of all ages and sizes.

Body Kind Sports Bra

At last, a sports bra that fits

Bras are one of the most frequently discussed items of clothing on every woman’s journey through different stages of life, and especially on their fitness and weight loss journeys.

From the first body changes during puberty to hormonal pregnancy and post-partum changes, and exciting weight-loss transformations, every woman faces her own unique challenge of finding a supportive bra that gives her the confidence to work out, move freely, and achieve her best. Proudly curated, tested and personalised by Lisa herself, the Body Kind Sports Bra provides relief from the breast discomfort linked to rigorous exercise, while aiding with back and neck aches often associated with poor support.

Joining Lisa’s Body Kind Athleisure range, the innovative sports bra is soft to the touch, offers perfect support and provides absolute peace of mind with its hook and eye lacing system. The bra size is adjustable across both straps and around the chest area, and is available in eight different sizes, from small (S) to 5 x extra-large (5XL) – delivering comfort to women of all shapes. A comprehensive sizing guide allows women to find the perfect fit, in just minutes.

Body Kind Sports Bra

Citing the Body Kind Sports Bra as her most exciting product launch in 2021, Lisa Raleigh says, “Now all women can personalise their very own fit with a bra that supports them throughout any age, stage and change of life. This is a high impact bra that shrinks or expands with you as you navigate your wellness and life. Absolutely perfect for rebounding, but unbeatable for running, cross-fit, boxing, aerobics, pilates, yoga, martial arts and even breastfeeding.”

The advanced sports bra is available in four sublime colours:

  • Onyx
  • Powdered sage
  • Copper dust
  • Khaki

Body Kind Sports Bra

The Body Kind Sports Bra is available online at For more information about this one-of-a-kind bra, or other Lisa Raleigh offerings, contact 079 534 4262 or send an email to