Lisa Raleigh

Fitness fiend Lisa Raleigh launches first retail outlet

Lisa Raleigh, a fitness and health specialist for more than 20 years and an acclaimed South African entrepreneur has taken one of the largest health and wellness ecommerce online stores in the country,, and launched her first brick-and-mortar retail store in Johannesburg’s bustling Nicolway Shopping Centre. The store opens its doors on Saturday morning 10th July 2022 with the definitive opening launch scheduled for the week of the 25th July 2022.

Lisa is known as a “wellness celebrity” and a few years ago she split the following brands from within her personal brand; bounti, Body Kind and Lr. These three brands have gone on to become autonomous businesses which integrate to provide consumers a unique and extensive end-to-end wellness transformation journey. bounti leads in rebounding fitness, Body Kind evolved into a highly curated premium range of athleisure and Lr incorporates dietetics, DNA and lifestyle guidance. All three brands will be experienced in this one-of-a-kind retail store.

Lisa RaleighLisa Raleigh

Her “bounti” brand and business is the largest rebounding fitness equipment and services supplier on the African continent, and with its relatively new launch in the UK, has just begun to establish a global footprint. Lisa’s online class library of rebounding workouts and programmes is one of the most comprehensive in the world, contains several world-first rebounding programmes and her bounti instructor programme has trained and certified rebounding trainers globally.

The bounti rebounder collection includes a unique variety of rebounders, including the South African manufactured bounti Studio Deluxe rebounder (considered one of the best premium rebounders in the world), appropriate for all fitness levels and ages, along with a collection of locally designed and made accessories, carry bags and workout equipment to expand on the rebounding experience (one of the fastest growing fitness modalities in the country).

Lisa Raleigh

In 2021 she launched her popular Body Kind athleisure range, including South Africa’s first fully adjustable sports bra. Quality, boutique-style athleisure that transfers easily between workouts and leisure activities. The designs empower local artists, infuses female empowerment, celebrates femininity and South Africa, and interlocks practicality.

Her new store, complete with luxe fittings and inspiring imagery as part of its launch décor, brings consumers the opportunity to try before investing in these popular and proven brands. Customers will be able to visit the store to try on athleisure, enquire about rebounding programmes, overall wellness and discuss the benefits of rebounding with highly qualified staff.

Now in partnership with her husband, (technology businessman and investor) Stafford Masie, Lisa is embracing a unique business growth journey; online to physical presence. The duo has extended their reach through powerful partnerships with the likes of Discovery Vitality, Momentum Multiply, Biogen and Dischem. The bounti brand has become synonymous with innovation and the celebration of every kind of South African woman. In more recent months, bounti has gained popularity as a modality appropriate for men, and it became one of the first companies to gain the CANSA seal of approval as a powerful force in the reduction of cancer risk. With programmes, workouts and equipment aligned with the needs of children as young as three, through to teens and every age group beyond, bounti is on a growth trajectory that embodies health and wholeness.

Lisa Raleigh

Lisa and Stafford have never shied away from bold business moves that place South Africa firmly on the radar of global stakeholders.

As the Lisa Raleigh business journey embraces mainstream retail with a boutique, bespoke offering, the bounti and Body Kind brands are set to continue impressive growth, and ground-breaking moves within the health and wellness arena.