Pioneering the Slow Fashion Movement – N3YH Eco-Luxe Athleisure Wear

Pioneers of the slow fashion movement, N3YH is proud to introduce a clothing range that is both fashionable and sustainable. This brand combines eco-friendliness with trendiness to result in comfortable, yet stylish outfits. Launching exclusively online middle of March 2022, N3YH’s Activewear and loungewear collections are ethically and locally made in Cape Town, South Africa.

As an eco-luxe Activewear and loungewear brand, N3YH’s passion is invested in making sure that they do their part in the sustainable slow fashion revolution. Consumers of the brand can pride themselves in buying and wearing well thought of garments which take into account nature, well-being and future longevity.

The slow fashion revolution can be described as the sister of sustainability. Together these sister-ideas contribute and ensure a fashion industry which is held accountable for unethically produced clothing. The focus is placed on making the entire chain of production as sustainable as possible – from sourcing materials, to manufacturing fabrics, to making the garments. All processes used by outlets must ensure that the fashion industry is productively sustainable.

N3YH founder Tanja Merlo explains the philosophy of the brand: “We aim to make sustainability fashionable. Our strong commitment to sustainable and slow fashion is a core pillar for the N3YH brand as we strive to protect our planet by reducing textile waste, water consumption and CO2 emissions with our mill partners, and in general in all that we do.”


The speciality of N3YH lies within the designer prints. The Activewear and loungewear are each available in a variety of 5 floral, feminine inspired prints. Together with each print a natural pastel colour is paired to add to the stylishness, but also to balance the outfit. It is guaranteed that there is a print or design that each woman will associate with.

The Activewear range consists of leggings, biker shorts, a crop top bra, tank top and jacket. To keep to their sustainability mantra, N3YH produces hair scrunchies from the leftover pieces of fabric. The material is eco-friendly as it is made of upcycled plastic bottles and other everyday waste. N3YH Activewear is clean-cut, contemporary pieces which are multi-functional but also fashion forward. The Activewear is perfect for the women on-the-go as it can easily be an outfit suitable for a yoga class and a meeting with colleagues. The brand believes that you have the privilege of a sustainable choice, and by wearing this Activewear range you are choosing to be part of the slow fashion revolution.

N3YH also has a loungewear range as it’s believed that you should be stylish from day-to-night. The loungewear range consists of a matching pant and top set made from the softest bio-based bamboo fabric which ensures a cooling, smooth and breathable feeling on the skin – giving you the ultimate comfort you deserve after a long day.


The loungewear sets is not only for relaxing but can also be utilised as a fashionable set to work from home. As with the Activewear, the mantra is to ensure sustainable production, therefore the brand has decided to produce matching baby rompers from the off-cut pieces of material. Now you and your little ones can relax in style while all being embraced by the matching, soft prints of N3YH.

Become a part of a lifestyle which allows you to be both tranquil and effective and shop on the N3YH online store today by visiting www.n3yh.com.

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