Hublot Big Bang Yellow Neon Saxem

Glow up: Hublot Big Bang Yellow Neon Saxem

The latest Hublot Big Bang has undergone a complete “glow up”; literally glowing neon yellow. Only 50 pieces will be made. 

So, from where does this variant of Hublot’s popular timepiece get its glow? In short, the material used to craft its micro-blasted and polished, 44 mm case. The material, we hear you ask? Yes. Let’s dive deeper… 

Hublot Big Bang Yellow Neon Saxem

This model — the Ref. 429.JY.0120.RT — is fashioned from SAXEM, an alloy of aluminium oxide (the basic component of sapphire) and rare earth elements, such as thulium, holmium and chromium. (“SAXEN” is the abbreviation for “Sapphire Aluminium oXide and rare Earth Mineral”.) “The resulting material is ultra-resistant and endowed with a brilliance that is greater than that of sapphire,” said the Swiss luxury watchmaker.

The translucent neon yellow theme has also been applied to the strap to enhance this limited-edition Hublot’s eye-catching aesthetic. The rubber item is kept around the wrist with a titanium deployant buckle.

Hublot Big Bang Yellow Neon Saxem

Inside, the Nyon-based brand’s HUB6035 movement keeps time. The automatic tourbillon unit offers a power reserve of 72 hours. Water resistance is rated at 30 metres. 

The Hublot Big Bang Yellow Neon Saxem is priced at CHF 200 000, which, at the current Rand-Swiss Franc exchange rate, amounts to R4 148 892.