5 types of Father’s Day gift givers

The grocery shop down your street is slowly plastering its shelves with terribly punned greeting cards and an endless supply of leather-scented soap-on-a-rope gift sets. The braai special posters are suddenly appearing everywhere the eye can see, and if you listen carefully, you may just hear the dad jokes softly filling the air. Yes, Father’s Day is rapidly approaching.

In preparation for this important day, we’re taking a look at the five types of gift givers you’ll encounter around this time of the year, with expert advice on how to make sure you’re the best type of gift-giver of all – the ‘He’ll-always-remember-this’ gifter.

1. The overachiever

The star of the show. The organiser of the braai. The one who thinks every family get-together is a competition (that they must win). They’ve probably prepared at least three types of desserts, written a heartfelt speech, and put together a slide show of their favourite times with Dad – and that isn’t even the gift! After delivering their presentation, complete with a single perfect tear, they look at you and smirk. At least the food’s good, you think to yourself. You look over at Dad; seems like he’d like something a little less OTT…

2. The pun-lover

The one who thinks punny gifts are hilarious and will not be stopped. This year, they found a mug that says “Happy Farter’s Day”. They think it will be a perfect addition to last year’s bottle opener with “Have a beer-y happy Father’s Day” sprawled across it. They wait in anticipation for Dad to open the gift. Dad forces a laugh and a disappointed “thanks, I love it” before reluctantly placing it in the display cabinet. It’s awkward.

3. The I-forgot-and-grabbed-the-first-thing-I-could-find gifter

The one who is always late. This year they were meant to bring a starter. They forgot. They walked into the shop and noticed all the Father’s Day décor. They panicked. They grabbed the first mass-produced Father’s Day gift they could find. Looks like Dad’s getting a very sentimental shaving cream set this year. It cost less than a block of cheese. He’ll definitely get a rash. It’s the thought that counts, right?

4. The mom-obviously-got-this gifter

The favourite. Gets away with everything. Doesn’t really have to do much for the adoration, other than flash a smile and crack a joke. Terrible at giving gifts. The bane of the overachiever’s existence. Phoned mom on Friday and asked, ever so sweetly, if she could grab something for Dad from them because they’re “just so swamped at the moment”. Mom obliged, happily. They’re both just as surprised at the gift when Dad opens it. Everyone knows. Dad pretends he doesn’t, but deep down he’d like something from the heart next year. Sniff.

5. The he’ll-always-remember-this gifter

The actual winner. You went to Makro in advance. You found a Laphroaig Select gift set – complete with some dad-approved socks. Maybe he’ll love it. Maybe he’ll take a while to warm up to the sweet, peaty, smoky taste. But he’ll always remember it, because everyone knows you never forget your first Laphroaig. Maybe it will taste like “lighting a cigar and putting it in your mouth”, maybe it will taste like “dark salted chocolate”. Either way, it’s a character worth knowing. Dad opens the gift. He breathes a sigh of relief. Finally, something he actually wants. He pours a glass for both of you. He puts on his new favourite socks. You cheers. Everyone stares in disbelief. You did it. You won Father’s Day.

No matter what type of gifter you usually are, you can’t go wrong with a Laphroaig Select gift pack.

So, spoil your dad with the perfect gift, which couldn’t be easier to organise. Laphroaig Select gift packs will be available in Makro from 1 June (and all other leading retailers from 6 June) until the end of the month. With a bottle of Laphroaig Select (which combines five specially selected casks of the iconic Islay Scotch) and a pair of dad-approved socks, you’ll be Dad’s favourite for 2022.

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