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Five tips to rejuvenate your home for spring

It’s always such a relief when the light and warmth start to return after a long and cold winter. While we all get excited to refresh our spring wardrobe, we don’t always think about making seasonal changes to our homes. It can be fun and inspiring to bring some renewed spring energy and colour into our living spaces, which can motivate us for the new season.

So how do you start to ‘springify’ your house without completely redecorating or over-investing?

“There are plenty of small ways to bring light, colour and vibrance into your home that can enhance the feeling of seasonal change without breaking the bank. It’s all about being creative and exciting the senses,” says Phethile Mtshali, Mr Price Home.

Mtshali offers the following five tips to rejuvenate your home for spring:

1. Lighten up

Replace heavy drapes and curtains with lighter-weight options in softer tones or even bold florals. In areas where you want sun, switch to voiles or linens that can let the natural light in. The same goes for your bedding. Pack away the cosy winter downs and bring out your lighter fabrics in soft hues or bold bright colours and florals to bring new life to your sleeping space.

2. Brighten up

Add pops of bright colour wherever you can to give your home a burst of spring joy. Bring in colourful accessories like vases, catchall trays, planters, throws or cushions and place them in areas that feel dull. Create your own unique display spaces using items like colourful glasses and table settings, fresh flowers, mirrors and art.

3. Go wild

Spring is the ideal time to go wild with bold florals, botanical prints and accessories. A botanical tablecloth, throw cushions or even dish cloths can uplift and bring a fresh, natural element to any room. Add fresh indoor plants and greenery or change up your planters for something quirky and eye-catching.

4. Change the scene

Consider switching out some of your wall art for a fresh and vibrant piece as the season changes. Look for prints that inspire and delight your senses and give you a sense of warmth. Consider updating your photos and frames too, taking the chance to use more recent pics that spark joy for you.

5. Refresh your senses 

Aim to delight all your senses when you are rejuvenating your space. Add a new diffuser with a fresh, uplifting scent or floral scented candles. Add new hand soaps and creams in your bathrooms with delicious floral scents and designs that cue nature.

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