Montblanc Signature Absolue

Montblanc Signature Absolue: the writing of a luminous new olfactory chapter

In 2020, Montblanc embarked on an exciting new chapter with the introduction of its new feminine fragrance line Montblanc Signature. Its ambition was to give women a different way to express themselves and their exceptional character. Anchored in Montblanc’s heritage in the culture of writing, the name of the fragrance was a reminder that few things are more personal, unique and expressive than her signature. Pen in hand, ink on paper; it’s the lasting imprint of her personality and identity for others to remember her by.

Montblanc Signature Absolue:  the writing of a luminous new olfactory chapter

In 2023, Montblanc Signature continues its story with the launch of Signature Absolue. Sparkling, radiant and intense, this new scent gives the Montblanc woman a new way to project her character and express her desire to effortlessly light up her universe, inviting others to follow the irresistible trail she leaves behind.

A brilliant olfactory expression of the Montblanc Signature woman

Radiant and bright, Signature Absolue draws on another important element from Montblanc’s DNA: gold. The nib, the very soul of Montblanc’s iconic writing instruments, is crafted by hand from gold. It is this subtle detail that drew the perfumers’ inspiration to design a luminous new composition that would evoke the brilliance of this signature refined gold detail that is timeless tied to the brand. 

Montblanc Signature Absolue

“We designed this perfume around a fresh and sparkling duo of mandarin and pear Williams wrapped in the opulent narcotic notes of tuberose and ylang. As a tribute to women’s creative soul, we played with the sensual woody character of tonka bean and cedarwood which we contrasted with the creamy facets of golden amber.“ explain perfumers Meabh McCurtin and Anne Flipo.

The fragrance opens with the rich fruity facets of mandarin and pear Williams, blended with pink pepper to reveal the sparkling tones of a bright femininity. The heart of the fragrance bursts open like a luminous and opulent bouquet of radiant flowers as tuberose, frangipani and ylang come together to deliver the most delightful solar undertones. The gourmand character of tonka bean meets the woody notes of cedarwood to give Signature Absolue a delicious intensity, rounded out by the sensuality of golden amber. For the creation of Montblanc Signature Absolue, tuberose, ylang and tonka beans are ingredients sourced from LMR, a company that works with local producers around the world to source pure, natural and sustainable ingredients with a strict ethos of complete transparency, while supporting environmental management, sustainable development and local communities.

The brilliance and luminosity of a golden fragrance bottle

Through the bottle’s faceted glass, the yellow gold liquid radiates with sublime intensity. The emblem on the cap underlines the Montblanc brand with absolute preciousness. The outer box is covered with a bright and warm gold, with a delicate Saffiano Pattern that evokes the luxury leather goods savoir-faire of Maison Montblanc. Its luminosity and preciousness contrasts with the simplicity of a smooth white stripe, signed with a handwritten Signature Absolue logo. 

Montblanc Signature Absolue is available in a 90ml bottle, a 50 ml bottle and in a 30ml travel size bottle.