Le Creuset Alpine Collection

Explore the art of open fire cooking with Le Creuset’s new Alpine Collection

Le Creuset, the iconic luxury brand renowned for its premium kitchenware, announces the launch of its newest product line: The Alpine Outdoor Collection. This new collection marks the brand’s much anticipated debut into the great South African outdoors as the fires get stoked in preparation to feast.

The sleek new range of enamelled cast iron cookware was specifically designed for use over an open flame, serving as a durable and reliable companion for preparing your favourite meals outdoors. Created to enhance the open-air cooking experience, the luxurious all black collection will launch with three items – the Alpine Outdoor Skillet, Square Grill Basket, and Pizza Pan – each designed to deliver memorable meals wherever the adventure takes you.

Le Creuset Alpine Collection

“We know how much South Africans love spending time in nature and we believe that cooking is an art form meant to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. So, with this in mind, we’re very excited to announce the brand’s entry into the outdoor category, enabling consumers to experience the legendary performance of Le Creuset beyond the confines of the kitchen,” said Ben Paine, Le Creuset CEO Africa. “The Alpine Outdoor Collection not only embodies Le Creuset’s commitment to delivering exceptional performance and thoughtful details but also brings a new level of versatility and functionality to outdoor cooking.”

The Alpine Outdoor Collection by Le Creuset enhances the experience of cooking outside. Whether your gastronomy adventures come to life entertaining in your own outdoor space, cooking over an open fire at your favourite eco-cabin or elevated glamping, this collection brings renowned craftsmanship and quality to your menu, allowing outdoor enthusiasts to create memorable meals in the beauty of nature.

The following three essential pieces are available from mid-May 2024:

Alpine Outdoor Skillet: This versatile and resilient skillet is the ultimate multitasker as it’s perfect for searing, stir-frying, or making fried eggs and toasted sandwiches in nature. It is your go-to companion for creating delicious meals over an open flame and thanks to its low profile and size, it can also fit on a grill with a lid when cooking on an open fire at home.

Alpine Outdoor Square Grill Basket: Engineered for convenience, it is punctured with holes to allow the fire to directly grill your food giving you the option to char the edges. You can grill small vegetables, crispy French fries, and delicate shellfish. And it’s compact design ensures compatibility with most grills making it an indispensable companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

Alpine Outdoor Pizza Pan: Designed for epicurean adventures, this pizza pan is the epitome of versatility. It is capable of accommodating large pizzas (crispy crust guaranteed no matter where you find yourself), searing burger patties, or even making pancakes on a fire in the morning. With its precision-crafted construction, it has even heat distribution for flawless results.

Le Creuset Alpine Collection

Embracing the ethos of nature and sustainability, the Alpine Outdoor Collection embodies Le Creuset’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and healthy living. Each piece is crafted with care, reflecting the brand’s dedication to quality and longevity, and the joy of cooking on an open fire.

The Alpine Outdoor Collection will be available for purchase at Le Creuset boutique stores and online at www.lecreuset.co.za.