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Discovery elevates the pre-flight experience with The Lounge

As frequent flyers well know, an airport experience often sets the tone for an entire trip.

It’s in this context that Discovery, a company rooted in behavioural change, introduces The Lounge in partnership with SAA, the first fully renovated airport lounge at OR Tambo International Departures – where every detail has been meticulously crafted to meet a traveller’s wishes and enchant them in the process.

Discover Lounge

“Discovery’s deep insights into human behaviour and compelling incentives isn’t limited to our health and financial initiatives; it’s deeply ingrained in everything we do,” says Dinesh Govender, CEO of Discovery Vitality. This philosophy extends to The Lounge, which exemplifies their unique experience design formula.

The opening of the Premium section of The Lounge (one of 7 revamps in a project set for completion in 2024) is part of a landmark partnership between Discovery and South African Airways (SAA). This collaboration both enhances the travel experience for Discovery Bank clients and aligns with broader goals to revitalise SAA’s operations through a public-private partnership, while contributing to the tourism industry.

Discover Lounge

“As always, we researched best practice, analysed some of the best airport lounges around the globe, and gathered local data to inform our understanding of what different passenger profiles entering the Lounge most need and desire. We then partnered with IHBAZA, our interior architects to co-create premium spaces in which different profiles – from businesspeople on the go to seasoned international tourists and young families – could work or relax, connect or disconnect, meet or retreat as they wish.”

“The Lounge is more than just an airport lounge; it’s a testament to our vision of behavioural-driven design that delights users at every touchpoint,” says Govender. “Every aspect, from the luxurious interiors and art to the food and beverage offering, has been carefully curated to enhance the passenger experience.”

Setting a high bar: A bespoke blend of seamless and sumptuous

Upon entering The Lounge, located in OR Tambo International Departures, one is immediately struck by the arrival experience. From the custom copper-cladded concierge pods to the dynamic LED display that changes colour depending on the time of day you visit, The Lounge delivers a sense of Afro-centric luxury and comfort that sets a new benchmark for airport lounges, not just locally but internationally too.

Discover Lounge

From smart lighting that creates the perfect mood, the seamless technology that keeps passengers connected, and the variety of thoughtfully laid out sections (focus booths, private suites, quiet zones, meeting rooms with connection points, and open plan seating areas) – every aspect of the design is geared toward accommodating the traveller experience. 

Discover Lounge

Take dining at The Lounge – a culinary journey in itself. The lounge caters to travellers with a buffet-style food selection throughout the day. Guests are also treated to talented baristas who serve premium beverages and crafted signature cocktails on request.

By creating an environment that is intuitive, visually captivating, and bespoke, Discovery has not just elevated the pre-flight experience but has set a new standard for what an airport lounge can be. 

Lounge in the lap of luxury: well worth a visit

Another distinction that marks The Lounge a cut above the rest is that there is no capped time limit for your visit, so qualifying passengers can arrive at the airport early to avoid traffic and then take their time at The Lounge to work, relax, eat and enjoy the space without rushing before a flight.

Discovery Bank Purple, Black, and Platinum cardholders can now join SAA Business class passengers and Star Alliance Gold members in accessing The Lounge  simply by generating a voucher in their Discovery Bank app.

Discover Lounge

“Access to these exclusive lounges, combined with existing benefits like Priority Fast Track Lanes, ensures that Discovery Bank clients enjoy the best value and experience in travel,” says Govender. “As Vitality Travel members, they can also look forward to new menus, special amenities, and further refurbishments in the coming months, making their pre-flight experiences even more memorable.”

If all that sounds like the kind of convenience and opulence you could get used to, it’s well worth stopping by The Lounge before your next flight and experiencing Vitality Travel’s indisputable success in making every journey an exceptional experience.