Taryn Treisman

ART: Meet Taryn Treisman

Johannesburg-based artist Taryn Treisman creates custom artwork that’s contemporary and fun that can make a great, attention-grabbing addition to the best of art collections.

Characterised by its bold, bright aesthetic, Taryn Treisman’s work is deeply personal. Together with the buyer, Taryn works to create customised pieces that are truly unique.

Taryn Treisman

Taryn Treisman


Taryn has loved art since she can remember and decided to take the plunge as a full-time artist four years ago. She describes herself as a very sentimental person, so creating personal, customised art is very important to her.

Taryn is currently based in Johannesburg but has also spent time abroad — her first job was at the Art Institute of Chicago. With a passion for art and tech, Taryn combines digital art and acrylic paint on plexiglass to produce vibrant pieces that combine design, abstract pop art and graffiti.

Taryn Treisman

Taryn established her brand Custom Pop four years ago. She creates custom pieces that combine digital and traditional art to bring a diverse range of subject matter to life. She uses her creative process to experiment, and each piece embodies her edgy, urban style.

Taryn has also collaborated with fashion and lifestyle brands to create accessories, including hats and bags. Her work is featured at several galleries in Israel and spaces in Johannesburg, Plettenberg Bay and Cape Town.

Each of Taryn’s artworks holds hidden words and objects. This is inspired by her belief that there are always hidden reasons or meanings behind situations, even when they are difficult. Her sentimentality also plays an important role in her work. When working on a commission, she will often include significant dates, special names, favourite foods, personal photos and other images to create something meaningful.

Taryn Treisman

In terms of style, Taryn is deeply inspired by pop culture and loves colour. This is reflected in her modern graffiti style that often brings together various materials, including puff paints, metal, Perspex and canvas.

To look at Taryn’s work or find out how to commission your own piece, go to custompop.art

Follow Taryn on Instagram @custompop.art