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RIVA SOLARE Energizing & Exhilarating

“Riva Solare is the endless Italian holiday.” —Jacques Cavallier

Bvlgari Allegra whisks your senses away to the Italian Riviera, where the azure sea shimmers under sunlit skies.

This regenerative energy comes to life in Riva Solare, a sparkling citrus fragrance. It opens with a lively splash of tart Calabrian bergamot. Crafted solely for Bvlgari, the fresh, new note captures the exclusive aura of both the Italian Riveria and the Italian Maison. The citrus wave ebbs, taken over by the sun-kissed scent of orange blossoms. The solar neroli dazzles with luminous accents of Osmanthus and mandarin. Intensified by a base of sultry musks accord, Riva Solare releases the invigorating sensuality of the sun and sea and the electrifying freedom of the Mediterranean.


FIORI D’AMORE Loving & Exalting

“It is a red rose—fresh, velvety, fruity.” —Jacques Cavallier

Bvlgari Allegra rekindles your heart with passion and adoration. You receive a complete surprise, an absolutely magnificent rose bouquet.

Fiori D’Amore captures the passionate energy of Italian love in a sensual rose fragrance. Turkish and Bulgarian red roses gather together at the heart of the bouquet. Its fresh, youthful aroma is underscored with a new, modern accord, Prelude Raspberry. The innovative fruit accent evokes the scent of raspberry harvested at the height of a balmy summer. Delicate and unbridled, tasteful and intense, Fiore D’Amore gracefully elicits love’s wondrous, multiple facets and passion’s velvety soft touch.


DOLCE ESTASI Caressing & Comforting

“It is the celebration of sweetness, of the Italian family cocoon.” —Jacques Cavallier

Bvlgari Allegra transports your taste buds to Italy’s famed pasticcerie, where tantalizing dolce tempt with luscious scents and candy-like colors.

Dolce Estasi evokes this blissful time in a dreamy floral gourmand fragrance. Replete with delicate notes, the scent centers on a heliotrope accord, a powdery floral with the irresistible creaminess of a dessert. A zest of Italian citrus enhances its femininity, and a final musk accord gives it a smooth, powdery finish. Dolce Estasi caresses you in the silky softness of bygone days, full of sweet reminiscences and cheerful tranquility.


ROCK’N’ROME Fulfilling & Intoxicating

“Like the emotion of a rendez-vous in Rome.” —Jacques Cavallier

Bvlgari Allegra steeps you in The Eternal City’s incandescent sunsets and never-ending spritzes.

Rock’n’Rome immortalizes the intimacy of a shared spritz in a liquorous floriental fragrance. Like a fizzy cocktail, it starts with the effervescent-like sparkle of zesty notes. To craft the fragrance’s floral fruity aroma, Osmanthus and apricot notes are stirred together. Then the olfactory cocktail tapers into a sweet benzoin gum. Serving up the fun of endless aperativos and free-flowing conversation, Rock’n’Rome smolders with the warm feelings of friendship and the glimmer of dusk.

FANTASIA VENETA Exuberating & Enchanting

“It is all the Italian sophistication in a perfume.” —Jacques Cavallier

Bvlgari Allegra invites you to the most exclusive and exuberant Italian festa, Venice’s legendary carnival.

Fantasia Veneta unleashes the enchanting energy of this extravaganza in an unforgettable chypre fragrance. The lavish composition spotlights Indonesian patchouli. Created exclusively for Bvlgari, the note is as treasured as an invitation to a masked ball and as rich and nuanced as its brocade and jacquard costumes. Like the carnival, the chypre accord delivers sumptuous, surprising twists—a decadent red peach accord and a hint of addictive vanilla scent. Wrapping you in the marvelous opulence of the festivities, Fantasia Veneta gives you the thrill of leaving an indelible impression at an exceptional fete.


THE BOTTLE The Bold & Unexpected Color Combinations

Bvlgari’s hallmark design style of mixing vibrant colors comes to life in the bold bottles, and the vivid, olfactive journey of each eau de parfum inspires the color selection of its glass bottle. The flacon’s exuberant hues exalt the color and joyous energy of Italy, while expressing the daring design vision at the heart of Bvlgari. 

RIVA SOLARE: golden glass reflects the sun & azure glass recalls the sea.

FIORI D’AMORE: red glass symbolizes passion & pink glass expresses the tenderness of love.

DOLCE ESTASI: pastel green glass suggests pistachio & pink glass alludes to strawberry, colors found in many dolce including the famous spumoni.

ROCK N’ ROME: amber glass simulates a spritz & purple, a choice color for Roman royalty, lauds history.

FANTASIA VENETA: red glass evokes radiant rubies & purple is reminiscent of amethyst, gems with the precious exuberance fitting for a ball.


Bvlgari introduces a new concept in perfumery, #MagnifyForMore, inviting you to style a personal scent using a Magnifying essence. Crafted with raw materials exclusive to Bvlgari, these five Magnifying essences contain powerful concentrations of high-quality natural ingredients like bergamot and patchouli. Spritzed on top of n Bvlgari Allegra eau de parfum, the Magnifying essence gives the scent a twist, a bespoke scent fueled by your mood. Whether you crave a sunny boost of happiness or a comforting dash of sweetness, experience fragrance the new way: #MagnifyForMore.

MAGNIFYING MUSK #MagnifyForMore Bliss

The warm and sultry essence is inspired by the intimate feel of a touch. Crafted with ambrette, the deceptively simple musk accord reveals a sophisticated radiance. With its notable and expressive luminosity, Magnifying Musk recalls the dazzling joy of an embrace.



The citrus essence bursts with sunny energy. To achieve this especially bright distillation, Calabrian bergamot is harvested when it’s perfectly ripe. Fresh-picked, the bergamot contains sweet and crisp notes. Distilled to retain the fruit’s multi-faceted freshness, Magnifying Bergamot exudes the upbeat promise of a gorgeous summer day.


MAGNIFYING ROSE #MagnifyForMore Love

The floral essence entices with a velvety, voluptuous intensity. Unlike a classic, powdery rose, this blend of Bulgarian and Turkish roses boasts a remarkable radiance, thanks to a unique fragmentation of essential oils with an unusual distillation. With a sparkle refined by subtle woods, Magnifying Rose delivers a luscious bouquet full of the optimism of love.


The elegant essence enchants with a stark sensuality. Made with a patchouli sourced from Indonesia, the opulent distillation is of unprecedented quality, freed of any dark, earthy notes by exclusive fractionation. Enriched with woody and chypre facets, Magnifying Patchouli rouses a precious and powerful seduction.


The delicately sweet essence tantalizes with vanilla beans imported from Madagascar. To develop the fruit’s most complex and nuanced facets, it’s dried in the sun. Raw, leathery and sexy notes culminate in an addictive aroma, and Magnifying Vanilla ignites an irresistible attraction.

THE FLACONS Petit and slender, the bottles of the Magnifying essences feature the same, sculptural silhouette as the eau de parfum flacons in an all-white color. The white design emulates the preciousness of the essences. Because white harmonizes with any color, the creamy shade affirms the versatility of the flacons’ contents: essences with a magical ability to blend into an infinite array of new signature scents.

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