OKJA Hazelnut Spread

You’ll want more bread for your spread with okja Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Naughty, not evil: okja launches new Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Good morning, goeie more, buenos dias, guten morgen and bonjour. Words so beautifully full of possibility that they transcend and connect continents, cultures and countries. Different languages, yes,  but the same opportunity to start your day full of promise and hope. It is said, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and how can it not be if it involves a sunrise cuppa and of course the one thing we’ve all loved for generations: Chocolate Hazelnut Spread on toast.

But hold on… how is it that in 2021 the current Chocolate Hazelnut Spreads on offer  have more palm oil in them than hazelnuts? We delved deeper and tried okja’s new offering, which boasts none of those kinds of shenanigans.

okja, the clean label plant-based food and beverage brand from Cape Town has just welcomed a new addition to their range, Chocolate Hazelnut Spread.

The brand, launched in 2019 by serial founders, Rui Esteves and David Chait, has garnered a cult following amongst Gen Z and Millennials with its iconic range of oat milks in bright and bold packaging. Visit any popular coffee shop or deli in Cape Town CBD and it’ll be hard to miss their signature blue cartons lined across countertops and shelves.

OKJA Hazelnut Spread

It has been a welcome change to the same-y looking brands that add to the clutter in grocery stores. Just one scroll through their (almost 300) reviews on Takealot and you’ll soon find out that people really really love their stuff – and their chocolate spread promises to be no different.

Glancing at the label, one immediately notices the lack of palm oil – a controversial ingredient in most other chocolate hazelnut spreads available. It also of course contains no dairy or flavourings.

Swing by your local baker, grab a warm, freshly baked croissant and (let’s be honest, you’ll want more bread to spread) sourdough, your pot of Chocolate Hazelnut spread from okja, your best friend or a stranger, sit down and enjoy one…two…five bites of pure chocolatey, nutty, goodness.

Breakfast should never be complicated, but, like your day – it should, hopefully, be uplifting. So go ahead, grab a spoonful without having to worry about what nasty ingredients might be lurking in your jar.

okja Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is available from Takealot, selected SPAR stores, Faithful to Nature, as well as popular delis such as Giovannis. Retailing for between R69.99 and R74.99, it is also available from the okja café in Camps Bay.