Wellness: Rest Is Best

Rest and balance is key when it comes to enjoying a sense of wellbeing.

The past year has certainly been a challenging one, and we have all been affected in different ways. In an uncertain time, many of us have felt the very real impact of stress, which is why it is so important that health takes priority. When it comes to wellness, sleep plays an integral part. Sleep and mood are very closely linked, and poor sleep can lead to stress and an increased risk of anxiety and depression; healthy sleep and good-quality rest help to restore energy and allow us to disengage from stressors, enhancing wellbeing.

In the pursuit of balance and health, we discover three brands that are committed to facilitating real wellness.

Sleep on nature

One of the best ways to enhance the quality of your sleep is to choose a comfortable surface on which to rest. Established in Greece in 1989, Coco-Mat creates sleeping products with one common goal: to facilitate perfect sleep and provide utmost comfort. The company handcrafts pillows, beds and mattresses with completely natural materials from the most sustainable sources possible. This includes cool, crisp cotton; warm, contour-hugging coconut husk; and nurturing, luxurious natural latex, which are all organically grown and locally sourced in their region. Multiple layers of natural materials are stacked inside each product, and no metal springs are used in their mattresses — hard coconut fibres provide support, while the elastic layers of natural latex follow the body’s shape. Other natural materials include eucalyptus and seaweed. Coco-Mat also boasts an almost totally neutral carbon footprint and 96 per cent recycling reach.


Try a calming bedtime elixir

When it comes to sleep-inducing tea, there’s nothing quite like camomile. Carmién Orange Chamomile features a fragrant blend of green rooibos, green honeybush and chamomile, which blends perfectly with the slightly perfumed flavour of bergamot, orange and creamy vanilla. It’s perfect to enjoy just before bed — rooibos has soothing properties, while camomile is very calming.


Find your flow

If you’re looking for a bedtime read that’s packed with practical solutions and wisdom, try 7 Steps to Finding Flow by Nicky Rowbotham. It’s a guide to learning how stress impacts your energy, hormones and nervous system; and explores ways to reduce stress and easily navigate it when it does creep in.

While stress can’t always be avoided, Nicky believes that it can be dealt with differently in order to access better health, energy and balance. Ideal for those feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, this book aims to provide strategies for a more resilient and aligned life. Many of us only pay attention to stress when it makes us ill, but in this book, Nicky urges us to listen to our bodies and to move our nervous systems into a state of flow.

7 Steps to Finding Flow by Nicky Rowbotham
Image: nickyrowbotham.com

Bedtime rituals to reduce stress

Gratitude journaling

Write down 3 positives of the day. A reminder to remain thankful for what we have.

Take a shower or bath

On nights where you need extra help to calm the nerves consider a hot shower. There’s nothing quite like a hot shower/bath to relax the shoulders and calm the mind.

Guided meditation

There are a few good apps out there that focus on guided meditations. Consider downloading Calm and relax to light music and nature sounds while being encouraged to visualise a calm setting.