Zavion Kotze Events
Zavion Kotze Events

Wedding Must-Do’s and Trends for Your Most Special Day

Event specialist and master of creating all things beautiful, Zavion Kotze shares the latest in wedding trends. Celebrate love in style. 

Whether you say ‘I do’ in a traditional church, a garden or a chic hotel, your wedding is the perfect occasion to revel in romance and the promise of something new. Each wedding is unique and a beautiful reflection of the couple coming together. We chatted to expert wedding planner and florist Zavion Kotze about current wedding trends and his top tips for creating the perfect celebration of love.

“With the rise in flower prices over the last two years, two big trends have risen”, says Zavion. First, the use of preserved florals is having a moment — this often allows florists to reuse flowers and usually keeps the price of arrangements down. Second, more and more florists choose to source seasonal flowers from local farms.

2023 flower trends include gentle, soft colours with the use of roses, poppies and wildflowers; dried and preserved flowers like proteas, wax flowers, grasses like wheat, ferns and bunny tails, as well as chrysanthemum leaves. Include bold, statement flowers like wisteria, hydrangea, anemone, dahlias, and peonies for a more dramatic look. 

Zavion Kotze Events
Zavion Kotze Events

“Naturally, a neutral colour palette will always be in fashion,” says Zavion. “We are, however, predicting some pops of colour: lilac, sage, powder blues. My advice is to make sure when selecting your colour palette that you ask yourself: ‘If I look back at my wedding 10 years from now, will I still love my selection?’ — if the answer is yes, you cannot go wrong.” He adds that your florist or designer will be able to give good advice when it comes to selecting colours — don’t be afraid to give your team some artistic freedom in this area.

Current trends include Bridgerton-inspired weddings, think pastel colours, draping wisteria and whimsical stationery and accessories. Equally as popular include creams, dusty rose, shades of white, ivory, blush, beige and taupe. 

Zavion Kotze
Zavion Kotze Events

When it comes to event planning, it’s difficult to ignore the issue of sustainability, and fortunately, this is something that can be practised in many forms. Zavion suggests chatting to your venue and florist to find out what can be done to make your wedding more eco-friendly. Consider using seasonal or preserved flowers, select a venue that recycles, and limit any décor items that will ultimately end up in a landfill. I believe that if everyone in this world does even just a little, it will do a lot,” urges Zavion.

More eco wedding tips:

  1. Choose eco-friendly invitations and table settings.
  2. Go for an eco-friendly registry.
  3. Donate your décor after the event, don’t throw it away.
  4. Instead of rice or paper confetti, opt for rose petals, herbs, lavender, and leaves. 

For most brides, the wedding dress is the star of the day, and when it comes to choosing one that is just right, Zavion believes that comfort is key. He suggests considering a dress with an element that can be removed once you go into the reception hall — that way, you get two looks for the price of one. And in terms of details like lace and pearls and the overall aesthetic that you choose? “It all comes down to your personal style and what makes you feel like a million bucks,” says Zavion. Similarly, accessories like hats, fascinators, tiaras and flower crowns all depend on your personality. “If you don’t generally wear things on your head, why would you do it on your wedding day? If you want to make a statement, get something made for a portion of your couple shoot, but don’t wear it the whole day —you just might question your decision in a couple of years.”

2023 dress trends include florals in white or ivory to tie in with the dress or in contrasting colours like pink, mauve, coral and green. Blue is also the colour of the season, powder blue in its entirety, from head to toe, can make quite the statement. Straight necklines, high slights, open back, mock necks and big, bold ball gowns are on the rise in trends and will be here to stay for quite some time. 

Venue trends come and go, but Zavion says that more and more couples are looking for places that supply everything they’ll need for their big day as it often saves on hiring costs. He loves spaces that are a combination of indoor and outdoor but always reminds his clients to be sure that the venue has an effective rain plan in the case of bad weather. “There is also a huge movement regarding wedding insurance in this country,” he says. “This should be the number one question you ask your venue. Being covered for your big day is the absolute best thing you could do. Have a look at I DO INSURE – a South African based insurance company underwritten by iTOO and HOLLARD.” 

No perfect wedding would be complete without a gorgeous cake. Zavion recommends giving your cake artist the freedom to create something unique. “That way, I’m sure you will be blown away by the results!” he says. And, if you’re trying to find ways to save and reduce waste, you might consider including a dummy tier or two — this will ensure a beautiful aesthetic without unnecessary waste. 


A wedding is ultimately a deeply personal event, so there’s certainly no obligation to follow contemporary trends when it comes to décor. Having worked in the industry for many years, Zavion has been part of all events and can appreciate a range of styles and details, from splashes of colour and neutral tones to tablescapes, hanging installations, and dramatic ceremonies. “The rule for me is to always have fun, give artistic freedom to your designer and florist and keep an element of surprise for the wedding day. Allow your florist to wow you with a main table or your bouquet — as a florist myself, I always love doing something that I know the bride will love, and I just adore the element of surprise on the day.”

Zavion Kotze is well-known for his event management, wedding design and out-of-this-world flower arrangements, and Survivor fans may remember him for his stint on the show. Zavion runs his own events company and is passionate about creating beauty. His business has grown from a small local company to a highly successful organisation — with over 600 weddings under his belt, Zavion offers world-class quality and service to each of his couples.

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