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The Pilates Difference: Studio and Instagram Phenomenon

Introducing @thepilatesdifference. An authentic, home grown South African Instagram phenomenon that grew to 120K followers in eight months flat!

With all the noise out there on social media, especially Instagram, how does a fitness brand manage to stand out? By being themselves and embracing an honest, real and fun approach to movement and fitness.  This proudly South African brand has managed to grow their Instagram following to almost 120K followers through a simple and consistent message; just move your body and do it to feel good.

pilates difference

The Pilates Difference is a brand that is making waves on social media, and they hail from the beautiful little town of Plettenberg Bay. Here they have their physical studio space which is buzzing all year round with both locals and visitors to this famous beach destination town.  It is not the trendy location of their studio and popularity of their classes that has gotten everyone’s attention, but rather their hilarious, quirky and honest approach to fitness and movement in general. When asked what the ethos behind the brand is, Owner Colleen Tomlinson explains that people put too much pressure on themselves to always have a perfect exercise ritual or schedule. When in fact it is really just about moving your body – in any way, place or form.  Whether it is trail running, yoga, walking or dancing – the most important element or result is that it makes you feel good. Exercise or physical fitness is not and should never be about punishment, and only about endorphins.

Having a scroll through their Instagram feed (@thepilatesdifference) this entertaining duo used reels to grow their account exponentially in 8 months through funny and inspiring clips that they hope encourage people to get up and move their bodies, and sometimes laugh at themselves. They specialise in Barre and Pilates and while they may look sweet and fun – they will give you some great workout tips, plank challenges, and sets that will certainly have you sweating…and smiling.

pilates difference

The Pilates Suspension Method – brand new and just arrived on South African shores

The new kid on the block when it comes to Pilates apparatus is the suspension trainer. While traditional Pilates equipment such as Reformers, Cadillacs and Towers are wonderful to work on and train with – they cost a small fortune to purchase. During lockdown the access to this type of Pilates became limited and the Pilates Suspension Method – developed in The United States by Rebecca Beckler – became so popular it is now a worldwide phenomenon. So what is all the fuss about?

As a Stott®Pilates Instructor trainer, Rebecca developed the method that takes many exercises from traditional and contemporary Pilates equipment and matwork and created over 500 different exercises that can be performed using a suspension trainer, that are both safe and effective for all levels and abilities. A piece of equipment you can hang up over the door at home and affordable enough to purchase for gyms and studios. Colleen Tomlinson from The Pilates Difference, the instructor trainer in South Africa and Africa for the PSM, says that the difference she has seen in the strength, posture and athletic ability of her clients who regularly attend the classes (both online and in studio) is notable.

pilates difference

The Pilates Difference is the service provider in South Africa and Africa that is rolling out these Instructor Training Courses in South Africa. Both from their beautiful studio in Plettenberg Bay as well as in major centres like Cape Town and Johannesburg. They are open not only to Pilates Instructors (although it is Pilates focused) but to all mindful movement practitioners and fitness professionals.

Check their website, www.thepilatesdifference.co.za for more information on upcoming courses, retreats and workshops.