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The Meaning Behind Our Everyday Jewellery Pieces

Our daily lives have always included symbols, which have a significant impact on how we express ourselves. Some people wear meaningful jewellery as a representation of their culture or faith, while others wear it as an amulet for luck and protection. When given as a gift or heirloom, it often represents  feelings of love and affection.

Black Betty Owner and Designer Kristin Weixelbaumer says that understanding the symbolism behind different pieces of jewellery will make a difference on how/when you wear them and even help in picking out the perfect piece as a gift to a loved one, or even yourself.

She talks us through the symbolism of our everyday pieces.

Black Betty Jewellery Design

With so many engraving options to suit your taste, giving a necklace a particular meaning is simple. Necklaces are the perfect representation of love and any other sentiment one might wish to keep close to their heart because of where they are worn. Necklaces are a perfect vehicle of  sentiment that can be appreciated for years.
Fun Fact: Necklaces evolved into symbolic pieces by adding amulets or magical talismans, believed to grant long life, prosperity, and protection from bad spirits.

Weixelbaumer says that her very own design, the Black Betty Single Skull Necklace, which Plato and Tibetan monks initially saw as a symbol of authority, later came to be worn by individuals as a “memento mori”—a reminder of their own mortality.

black betty skull


Many people wear rings because of the piece’s significance or the way it is exhibited, while some people may wear them only for aesthetic reasons. However, depending on one’s cultural background, the precise meaning can differ significantly. How you feel most comfortable wearing your rings may also depend on your upbringing, perspective, and beliefs.
Fun Fact: The custom of giving and receiving finger rings dates back over 6000 years.

We all understand that a bracelet is an item of jewellery with a strong connection to style. Both men and women utilize it to highlight their individual styles. The most common use of a bracelet is as a relationship symbol, with friendship bracelets being the most popular, with other symbolic bracelets ranging from beaded, charm, and gemstone to string bracelets.
Fun Fact: In ancient times, the first bracelets were more likely used for protection rather than accessorizing. The great Roman armies and their legionnaires wore iron bracelets and arm guards.

Black Betty Jewellery Design

Earrings have been a status symbol and a mark of identity for both men and women over time. The earlobe is a symbol of social standing and financial security. Earrings have long been worn in many situations and civilizations as indicators of age, marital status, rank, or cultural or tribal identification, as well as because they are thought to have healing or protecting properties. However, earrings have always primarily been worn for ornamental purposes, even when they have been used for other purposes.
Fun Fact: Romans were the first group to popularize earrings with precious gemstones in it.

Even though necklaces, earrings, and rings are all relatively modest pieces of jewellery, each one has a unique history. Wearing jewellery enables us to relive our greatest victories and anniversaries with pride. Even the identical pieces of jewellery might have different meanings depending on the wearer because everyone’s personal path is so unique.

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