Six of the Hottest Kitchen Trends

Beauty meets function in this season’s top kitchen trends.

The kitchen is a special place in any home — it’s often a place for family to gather, to prepare food, and to unwind after a long day. And as we continue to spend more time at home, more and more of us are finding ways to make our spaces look and feel more practical without compromising on beauty and comfort. We take a look at the season’s biggest décor trends for kitchens — from the most popular colour palettes and materials to lighting and functional elements.


Dark shades like charcoal, grey and black were once reserved for accent walls or statement pieces, but these hues are now being used much more widely to achieve a dramatic look. Black works beautifully on cabinets, work surfaces and entire walls — the look is very luxurious but can easily be made more homely with wooden elements and a mix of textures.

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When it comes to personalising your kitchen, nothing beats carefully curated pieces that are meaningful to you. Open and floating shelves provide space for décor items and artworks to be displayed — a favourite painting, ceramics, and books can all work to achieve a look that’s unique to you, beautifully eclectic and individual. Choose items that are special to you or that spark nostalgia to give your kitchen a really lived-in feel.

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The right lighting can really elevate a space, and pendants are a great way to make a statement in any room. Pendant lights can be understated and minimal or grouped together for a more theatrical aesthetic. It’s also possible to find pendants that suit your particular style — from retro to elegant. In fact, pendant lights can act as a real focal point when they are cleverly selected and placed. They work particularly well over countertops where they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Materials are coming together in surprising ways — think of combinations of gold, marble and textures for a unique aesthetic. Strongly-veined marble is having a moment and works beautifully with luxe gold or a striking contrast with metal, wood and polished surfaces. In fact, when it comes to combining materials, it’s all about contrast — wood brings warmth to marble, for example, while brass and dark timber complement each other beautifully.

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Monotone kitchens have had their moment, but this season sees colour being played in fun new ways. Incorporating wallpaper is a great way to inject colour into your kitchen, while floor tiles in warm tones are becoming more popular. More colourful backsplashes are also gaining traction, while green is the shade of choice for cabinets — take your pick from mint, sage, olive, emerald or hunter. Unexpected contrasts are a fun trend — choose hues from opposite sides of the colour wheel to really give this one a go.

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When it comes to backsplash, square and textured tiles are proving most popular at the moment. Other shapes are also starting to emerge, along with larger and patterned tiles. While backsplash traditionally covered the area of wall between the countertops and the upper cabinets, many designers now favour a backsplash that covers the entire surface of a wall. Colourful glazes, reflective mirrors, and quirky designs can all be incorporated for a piece of the kitchen that’s both beautiful and functional.

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