Luckybird Drinks

‘Quixology’ With Luckybird: Become a Cocktail Mixologist at Speed!

The team at Sir Fruit have been ‘squeezing the day’ for more than thirty years: innovating, experimenting, and hustling. And now they’ve outdone themselves with the premium, proudly-local Luckybird brand. This includes a new range of delicious cocktail mixers that takes the mission out of your mojito and the drama out of your daquiri. Premixed and ready to drop, all you need to do is add your favourite alcoholic preference and – boom! – it’s blended. The party starts with you…

Flavour variants include: mojito, strawberry daquiri, margarita, cosmopolitan and paloma – with each bottle containing fifteen serves. Other than the taste, the best part about Luckybird’s cocktail range is its effortlessness. Forget shaken not stirred. Forget forty different ingredients including chopped cilantro (whatever that is). Think premixed and ready for any home occasion – it’s the quick-hack your parched, dry throat has been waiting for.

Luckybird Drinks

But this is more than just a coup for cocktails. It’s the start of a movement that blends art with science. Luckybird calls it ‘Quixology’: confident cocktail mixology at speed! They’ve put in the effort, they’ve worked out the ratios, they’ve found the quality ingredients… all you need to do is twist, open and pour. So, become a Quixologist today! This minute! Right now!

You can pick up a bottle of your favourite Luckybird mixer at your usual bottle store, buy them online at