Litchi & Titch Vitamin-Rich Face Cream

New Launch | Litchi & Titch’s Vegan Vitamin-Rich SPF

Plant-based beauty brand Litchi & Titch listened to their customer requests and added an SPF of 20 to this popular pro-ageing daily face cream.

“Adding a natural SPF to an all-natural formulation is challenging. We worked hard to retain as much of the original consistency and aroma as possible while still incorporating the everimportant SPF that our customers wanted,” – says Lecia Durham, owner of Litchi & Titch.

Litchi & Titch’s passion and commitment to inclusive, cruelty-free, locally-made, vegan, and sustainably produced products drives a purposeful approach to skincare.

If you like being protected from the sun but dislike slathering on a heavy white substance in addition to your skincare, this one is for you. A beautiful lightweight cream/lotion that glides on effortlessly, sealing in moisture to last the entire day.

With HERO ingredients of Goji Berry, Baobab & Neroli, this Day Moisturiser is packed with nourishing, hydrating and anti-oxidant-rich plant-based ingredients and added protection.

Litchi & Titch Vitamin-Rich Face Cream

What is natural sunscreen?
Natural sunscreen – or sun cream or sunblock – is a lotion, gel or cream that protects you from the harmful effects of the sun.

They are made from plant-based minerals and extracts instead of overpowering chemicals. A glance at the ingredient list of regular sunscreens will reveal a long list of chemicals you probably have never heard of, let alone can pronounce.

In contrast, Litchi & Titch’s Vitamin-Rich Face Cream + SPF20 is made from naturally derived (sun protection) minerals and plant-based ingredients. This new formulation is not only better for your skin and health but the environment as well.

Directions For Use
Use after cleansing and applying your serum in the morning for the best results. Massage a generous amount into your face and neck before applying make-up.

Consumers can now find the new Vitamin-Rich Face Cream SPF20 (RRSP R380-00) through their website and other online platforms. Alternatively, visit their retail store in Franschhoek, Cape Town.