New GROHE showroom – a perfectly coordinated experience

The brand-new virtual showroom from GROHE makes it easy to reimagine and renovate your home.

Can you imagine being able to really visualise renovations before you turn your ideas into reality? Well, global brand GROHE has recently launched a virtual showroom that offers their users immersive access to their products. By browsing through a range of 3D images, videos and technical drawings, it’s possible to really explore their range of kitchen and bathroom designs and fittings before making a final decision. Thanks to the innovative and interactive resource, much of the guesswork is taken out of the design process, which saves time and provides the opportunity for real engagement when putting together a look. The virtual platform is the first of its kind in Africa and comes at just the right time when the ability to research and plan at home is more important than ever.


Who is it for? 

The state-of-the-art virtual platform is an excellent resource for architects, interior designers and installers because it is so easy to access all the necessary technical specifications online. Professionals will also have the ability to demonstrate different product and design combinations to their clients with the help of 3D renderings. Consumers who choose to do their own renovations will also love the new offering — the showroom is particularly useful as inspiration for a range of aesthetic styles in a real-life setting.

What can you see? 

With the help of the online resource, it is possible to see what various GROHE products will look like in a kitchen or bathroom setting, and one can also explore how some of the more complex technologies work. For example, it is possible to learn more about the GROHE SmartControl technology, which allows the user to choose the outlet, water flow and temperature with each shower; as well as GROHE Blue, which works as a performance filler, cooler and carbonator to deliver chilled, sparkling or still water on tap. = GROHE Blue is among the finalists for the German Sustainability Award Design 2021 — the water system eliminates the need to buy heavy water bottles, which goes a long way in considerably reducing plastic use.

Why try it? 

At the height of lockdown, we all grew accustomed to spending our days at home. Although many areas of life are slowly returning to normal, the reality is that many of us still spend much of our time in our homes. As such, our personal spaces have become increasingly important as places of rest and refuge. International trend consultant at Eclectic Trends Gudy Herder suggests that the concept of home has been redefined in recent times: “Home is increasingly becoming an extension of who we are. Overall well-being is coming into focus and bath rituals are now more than ever considered an essential retreat.” With this in mind, it’s easy to see why more and more people are eager to transform their homes ­ – and especially spaces like bathrooms – into sanctuaries in which they can really relax.

With virtual platforms like GROHE’s virtual showroom, it’s easier than ever to reimagine one’s space and seek inspiration without having to actually leave home. Being able to really see a design come together gives users a tangible experience that’s both fully immersive and safe. It also allows for convenient collaboration between consumers, designers, architects and installers.


How do you choose? 

With so many beautiful options and combinations available, it can be hard to make a final decision. Thankfully, the team at GROHE have made the process a little easier with their Perfect Match concept. The idea behind Perfect Match is that by having some product combinations perfectly curated for you, it’s easy to select a coordinated bathroom solution in which all the design elements, accessories and fittings work to create a harmonious aesthetic. Although the combinations are endless, the top three curated looks are GROHE Essence, GROHE Cube GROHE Euro .

GROHE Essence is ideal for those who love natural lines and organic forms — the look is both elegant and calming. All the elements really come together in this combination to create a relaxing bathroom haven. Highlights from the Essence range include freestanding bathtubs reminiscent of a spa setting; three sizes of vanity with practical wall-hung options; and WCs and bidets in a choice of floor-standing or wall-hung options. Each element features subtle lines that pair beautifully with the delicate and sleek Essence ceramic collection.

GROHE Essence

The GROHE Cube look takes on a contemporary cubist style. The Eurocube collection takes centre stage here, which combines perfectly with the GROHE cube ceramic range for a minimal, yet distinctive look.


The GROHE Euro combination is one for the minimalists — think crisp, clean lines and perfect compositions. This design achieves a beautiful architectural silhouette, which is contemporary and cool. It’s also very versatile and works well with a combination of round and square shapes, so there are plenty of options when it comes to selecting the key components, like the basin and bathtub.

GROHE Euro Ceramic

As part of the curation concept, all of the product combinations fit in both form and function with each other. This means that the faucet design, for example, will match the shape of the ceramic and the form of the shower system. With each element in perfect harmony, the result is guaranteed to come together effortlessly.

Who is GROHE? 

GROHE is a leading global brand that offers bathroom and kitchen fittings in 150 countries around the world. In 2014, the company became part of the brand portfolio of Japanese manufacturer LIXIL and has continued to offer a high-quality range of products. One of the company’s key values is sustainability — as such, they have been producing CO2-neutral worldwide since 2020. They have also set themselves the goal of using plastic-free product packaging within the year. In the past ten years, GROHE has received more than 460 design and innovation awards as well as several top rankings at the German Sustainability Award. In fact, the company was the first in its industry to win the CSR Award of the German Federal Government and was also featured in the renowned Fortune magazine’s ranking of Top 50 that are “Changing the World”.


LIXIL draws on their Japanese heritage to create high-quality water and housing products that are designed to solve everyday problems. The company is dedicated to improving accessibility for all, as well as responsible business growth. While water is a scarce resource in Africa, LIXIL is committed to bringing improved sanitation, better water efficiency, and the joy of careful design to diverse communities across the continent.

To find out more about the GROHE virtual showroom, as well as the Perfect Match concept, please have a look here: