CHANEL Micro Creme Yeux

Say Hello To CHANEL’s Latest Hydra Beauty Micro Crème Yeux

Late nights and exposure to daily aggressors weaken the skin barrier around the eyes, leading to moisture loss. Dark circles, under-eye bags, and other signs of fatigue quickly become visible on thin skin and leave eyes looking dull.

In 2023, CHANEL continues the microfluidics story that it successfully initiated in 2015, and creates HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Eye Cream, the first microfluidic hydrating eye cream by CHANEL that strengthens the skin barrier, protects against moisture loss, reduces the appearance of the signs of fatigue, and leaves skin luminous.

CHANEL Micro Creme Yeux


Microfluidics is the science of manipulating fluids on a microscopic scale. This technology pairs two fluids to form micro-droplets of active ingredients within the formula. It offers a unique sensory experience combining the sensation of freshness and lightness of water with the gentleness of an emulsion.

Microfluidic technology is used to encapsulate the hydrating power of white camellias within 3,800 micro-droplets, preserving the purity of the ingredient right up to the moment of application. Skin appears hydrated and eyes look wide awake through a combination of white camellia OFA extract, which strengthens the skin barrier to seal in hydration, algae extract, which targets the size of under-eye bags, and a tetrapeptide, which has an anti-glycation effect and targets dark circles.

The hydrating qualities of white camellias, encapsulated in micro-droplets, give HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Crème Yeux its extraordinary properties:

24 hours of hydration

24 hours of protection against moisture loss

– 33 % appearance of signs of fatigue

– 32 % appearance of dark circles

– 18 % appearance of under-eye bags

+ 51 % luminosity

+ 69 % freshness

CHANEL Micro Creme Yeux


HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Crème Yeux features a gel-cream texture and offers a unique sensory experience. When still intact, the micro-droplets feel as fresh as water. Upon application, they melt into the skin, leaving behind a veil of protection.


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Available at CHANEL boutiques nationwide.