Narciso Rodriguez MUSC NOIR ROSE

MUST HAVE | Narciso Rodriguez MUSC NOIR ROSE

Narciso Rodriguez captures a new mood of intimacy with for her MUSC NOIR ROSE, the sublime new fragrance in the iconic for her collection. With this scent, the for her woman lays herself bare, unveiling her true self and revealing the most personal facets of her femininity – without pretence or artifice. Her openness is disarming, expressing a delicate sensuality that is all the more captivating for its subtlety.

The intimate scent of her skin

MUSC NOIR ROSE marks a new chapter in for her’s unending story of modern femininity. More sensual and less dark than for her MUSC NOIR, the amber floral MUSC NOIR ROSE blooms with a new voluptuous bouquet of intense tuberose, its solar, luminous and creamy facets fusing with the signature heart of musc and a hint of luscious plum to create a more profound sense of intimacy. Top notes of Italian bergamot oil, highlighted with pink peppercorn, bring a radiant glow, the tangy citrus seamlessly evolving from a sweet fruitiness to a more herbaceous, balsamic note. This fresh and luminous opening contrasts with an addictive base of oriental vanilla, its creamy sweetness underscored by rich leather suede accords and the soft, enveloping earthiness of Indonesian patchouli.

Narciso Rodriguez MUSC NOIR ROSE

‘I wanted to create a more blooming, petally version of MUSC NOIR, and to do so, I chose to increase the delicate rose and jasmine petaly facet with the heady note of tuberose, while increasing the sensuality of the base notes with a modern chypre oriental accord,’ says Sonia Constant, the celebrated perfumer behind both MUSC NOIR and the new MUSC NOIR ROSE. ‘In MUSC NOIR ROSE, the signature heart of musc is creamier, and it is balanced by the oriental vanilla for more sensuality and addiction. To increase the contrast in the composition between light and shadow, I also added a bergamot ‘glow’, accented with pink peppercorn on top.

‘Like MUSC NOIR, MUSC NOIR ROSE contains notes of leather, plum and cedarwood, but it is more floral and less woody; there is more vanilla and less leather. It is an altogether more intimate and addictive scent with more luminosity.’

A new mood of transparency

Sharing the sharp, clean lines and signature graphic silhouette of the for her collection, MUSC NOIR ROSE is presented in a bottle of pure transparency, its glass tinted with a beguiling smoky pink. Revealing and amplifying the intense pink hue of the fragrance within, the translucent bottle reflects the delicate sensuality and intimate aura of for her MUSC NOIR ROSE. An object of refined artistry, its design subtly alludes to the olfactory contrast of light and shadow, the radiant pink glass set against a lacquered black cap.

Narciso Rodriguez MUSC NOIR ROSE

A muse unveiled

Lola Nicon, the muse of for her, perfectly embodies the intimate sensuality of MUSC NOIR ROSE. The campaign film, shot by Inez & Vinoodh, delicately captures the most private and most personal facets of her femininity. Through their cinematic lens, we see her raw beauty laid bare, her vulnerability embraced as her strength. Shot in pure natural light, with an exquisite interplay between light and shadow, the campaign has an ethereal, dream-like quality composed of fragmented memories and intriguing, hypnotic moments. Recurrent accents of pink recall the luminous rosy glow of for her MUSC NOIR ROSE, while the darker elements reflect the intense sensuality of musc. 

The intimate ritual of layering

Delicately sensual and sublimely addictive when worn alone, for her MUSC NOIR ROSE reveals infinite possibilities through the intimate ritual of layering. When combined with for her PURE MUSC, the notes of each composition blend seamlessly together, creating a new and completely bespoke scent. PURE MUSC magnifies the voluptuous bouquet of MUSC NOIR ROSE, enhancing its sumptuous glow with the quintessence of orange blossom, jasmine & ylang-ylang.

Available at Woolworths, Foschini, Truworths and Edgars stores.