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Local brand XT’s winter capsule brings colour to the cold

Modern collegiate style is hitting South Africa’s streets with the launch of a new range of locally designed and manufactured winter clothing.

With its new line of prep-inspired, varsity-styled apparel, sports fashion retailer The Cross Trainer’s private label, XT is letting the colours flow, adding a dash of joy to the blandness of winter weather.

The Cross Trainer
XT’s Head of Design, Jade Shimmin

While varsity jackets have been a mainstream feature on international catwalks this year, XT’s Head of Design Jade Shimmin notes that the range provides a modern and uniquely South African spin on the global trend, with bright colours and playful aesthetic features. “We want people to feel confident, invigorated, and energised when they slide on one of our jackets,” she says.  “Layer them with hoodies or any of our other vibrant leisure apparel, and you’ll be ready for any weather and any event.”

The highlights of this new collection include vibrant cobalt puffers, sun-yellow varsity jackets, and bright, invigorating tangerine tracksuits. The black and white alternatives are sure to turn heads as well. Strong, bright colours have a powerful effect on emotions. Warm colours such as yellow and orange spark feelings of enjoyment, contentment, and liveliness, explains Shimmin.

Cool colours like blue can calm the mind and focus the senses. “Cobalt is also such an electric and primal colour, which is really on-trend right now,” she says. “The varsity trend is big overseas, and these aesthetics are translating really well into the South African market, especially in the sports scene. Our winter capsule also fits well with the basketball fashion elements we’re known for.”

Exclusivity is the name of the game for XT, and the brand will only be releasing a total of 600 of its jackets.Veering away from the mass-produced approach that other retailers tend to follow allows XT to craft specialised, unique clothing which feels more like an experience than just another part of your wardrobe, adds The Cross Trainer’s Chief Marketing Officer Nick Rheeder. “As a proudly South African brand, XT consistently aims to push the boundaries and create new standards for fashion, crafting unique, stand-out items that set wearers apart,” he says.

The Cross Trainer

Further adding to the collection’s appeal for local consumers, the entire range has been produced under the expert guidance of seasoned fashion retailer Sandy Rogers at the Koop Studio in Johannesburg, a level 2 BBB-EE clothing manufacturing factory based in Victoria Yards in Lorentzville. “We pride ourselves on creating employment opportunities for South Africans who set the benchmark for South African vogue that speaks directly to South African culture.”

The first drop for the range was released in April, while the second hit The Cross Trainer’s stores earlier this week.