Franschhoek Hills Spring Water

Let Eagles Grace Your Table – Franschhoek Hills Water

As calls for local, sustainable, and environmentally friendly brands grow louder year after year, South Africa welcomes Franschhoek Hills Natural Spring Water Still and Sparkling to its tables this season.

Sourced at the heart of the Cape Winelands, and bottled at source, these waters boast zero added chlorine, undergo no chemical processes, and feature the natural absorption of minerals from the surrounding hills, valleys, and unique fynbos.

Creating an intrinsic link to the region, the bottle features an exquisite embossed Verreaux’s eagle, which is known to nest on the eastern slopes of the Franschhoek mountains. This African bird of prey represents the life cycle and rebirth of the varied landscape and holds dear the secrets, illusions, and mysteries of this region.

Franschhoek Hills Spring Water

Franschhoek Hills Natural Spring Water Still and Sparkling is available in 250ml and 750ml glass bottles. Please contact DGB if interested in sourcing or listing.