Les Eaux De Chanel

Les Eaux De CHANEL: A Journey With Chanel

This fragrance range from CHANEL is inspired by the places that were significant to Gabrielle Chanel.

CHANEL’S fragrance collection, Les Eaux De CHANEL, includes six fresh scents, each inspired by a specific place special to Gabrielle Chanel during her lifetime. From Paris to the Côte d’Azur, these fragrances are made to offer a form of escape. The newest in the collection is the exquisite Paris-Paris, a scent that captures the spirit and style of this dreamy city.

This invigorating scent was first released in 2018 and remains beautifully revitalising. With a burst of grapefruit and mandarin, fresh aquatic notes and a soft lily-of-the-valley accord, it’s reminiscent of an energising break in Southwest France.

Also released in 2018, this scent conjures up a stroll along the coast of Normandy. Expect invigorating orange peel and basil notes, alongside softer accords of rose and jasmine and a patchouli base.

 This gorgeous fragrance was released along with Paris-Biarritz and Paris-Deauville. It’s a beautiful evocation of the baroque city and the Orient Express route. Think notes of berry, iris, geranium, and soft cedar for a warm and enveloping effect.

Radiant and floral, this scent brings to mind a sunny escape to the Côte d’Azur. Mediterranean jasmine and neroli are carefully infused with fresh orange peel and a subtle sandalwood and benzoin base.

Woody and aromatic, this fragrance takes us on a ramble through the Scottish countryside with its vivid freshness. Think crisp and intense notes of juniper berry and cypress, paired with warm cedar and vetiver.

The latest addition to the collection, PARIS-PARIS is all about immersing oneself in the timeless city, with its authentic character and modern spirit ­— imagine a leisurely morning spent on the terrace of a Parisian café. The scent is a sparkling floral composition that is effortlessly elegant — think Damascena rose, fresh citrus accents and sharp pink peppercorn.