Diesel D Red

Just In: Diesel D Red Fragrance

Introducing D RED, Diesel’s new fragrance for men inspired by Creative Director Glenn Martens to capture the disruptive masculinity of the now.

D RED is an invitation to escape the here and now and go beyond one’s own limitations. One spray of D RED takes you to an instant of celebration, a new playground for the uninhibited and experience seekers. The D RED man is a true, original specimen. Curious, creative, bold and open-minded. He represents a generation unbound by the status quo. He explores underground culture and makes connections wherever he goes.


D RED is about evolution, imperfection, youth, openness and embracing the values of irreverence, inclusivity, masculine positivity re-established and re-energized during Glenn Martens’ tenure. A powerful alchemy amounts to an invigorating force of attraction that can only be defined as Hot Freshness. Smell it, feel it, an eye-opening, full-contact experience in an anti-conformist world.


D RED was conceived by perfumers Hyamala Maisondieu and Mary Pierre Julien Givaudan. Hot Freshness is an olfactory sensation created by a hypnotic contrast of fresh top notes, clean heart notes and sensual base notes that combine with ecstatic intensity in the eau de parfum.

Top notes of red grapefruit trigger the fresh buzz enhanced by the aromatic masculinity of geranium. The aromatic scent is crafted with sustainably sourced, clean and crisp bleached lavender from Provence in France, that invigorates the heart notes, getting the blood flowing, firm and robust like the potential of a new morning thanks to aldehydes. The base notes run hot with a sensual sandalwood accord ready to spark with the intense amber wood accord.


D RED by Diesel’s packaging is made from recycled glass that reflects the new evolution of the signature D by Diesel bottle. Its design evokes the iconic ‘Diesel For Successful Living’ logo as if it had been crushed and crumpled in your fist, literally leaving your mark.

Red back, emblematic of Diesel’s iconic brand color, glows with a luminous alluring intensity, creating the optical illusion that the perfume itself is a pulsating shade of crimson, contrasting the industrial anthracite cap that resembles the rivets on a pair of Diesel jeans. 


Under the Creative Direction of Martens, the D RED campaign stars 25-year-old American model Cameron Porras experiencing the effects of the scent in a euphoric shower-to-rave scene created and captured by Art Director Cody Critcheloe. The Hot Freshness unfolds like a journey awakened by a tingle of curiosity that jolts Porras to attention before finding the warm rhythm of a new experience.

One spray of D RED transports him to a hypnotic red rave, where there is no choice but to let go. The D RED campaign was shot on location at Printworks, formerly an iconic club and electronic music venue in South London, a bedrock of rave culture.