Just Breethe

Just Breethe. A Better Fit. For Your Body, Your Purse and the Planet.

Ever walked around tugging at your polo shirt collar, adjusting your training shorts to retain your modesty or pulling up your leggings because the crotch is heading toward your knees? We’ve become accustomed to things that ‘do the job’ and we’ve learned to live with mediocre at its best. No more. 

Marc Barnfather, founder and CEO of Just Breethe, objected – and decided to do something about it. “Personal necessity, observation, and the realisation that mass commercialisation of consumer products has increasingly and cumulatively resulted in an era of ‘average’ – inspired us to create Just Breethe” says Marc.

Just Breethe

Just Breethe is a brand that promises to deliver high quality, perfectly designed apparel that moves with your body, is breathable and accurately sized – allowing you to go about your day’s activity with comfort and ease. Just Breethe Apparel is locally manufactured using sustainable materials and packaging – when you wear Just Breethe, you automatically think – Ahhhh…That’s Better; “Our mission is to challenge ‘good enough’ and to re-engineer those items that just don’t ‘sit right’ – inviting our customers to expect (and accept) nothing but Optimal Performance with Uncompromised Comfort” adds Marc.

Marc started his career in construction 32 years ago; growing and learning every aspect of the industry from civils to construction, marketing to finance. “I spent  most of my time and efforts on the engineering side of the business, continuously aiming to improve our construction methods.” It wasn’t until he was forced to start wearing masks (pre-covid) due to a rare disease, that Marc realised the importance of wearing clothing that is engineered to fit well and last. Fast forward 3 years and Just Breethe proudly manufactures clothing and lifestyle items as sustainably and naturally as possible.

Just Breethe

We are seeing consumers opting for better quality materials and supporting their ‘more expensive’ purchase with a calculation called ‘Cost per wear’. In reality, you pay less for your item because you wear it for much longer and more consistently,” says Barnfather. “Capsule-Wardrobe is a big buzzword and trend within the Sustainable Fashion space – and one we are supporting wholeheartedly. ” he adds.

The Just Breethe range consists of their Unique FITness Leggings, FITness Shorts, Durafit-Socks and MatchFIT Polo-Shirts for both men and women as well as IntiMIT – female underwear. 

Just Breethe

FITness Leggings and Shorts:
When it comes to their FITness Leggings – they are proud to introduce these elite, ‘best in class’ exercise leggings; for both the serious athlete and those just serious about comfort, style, fit and durability. The structure of their leggings has been painstakingly engineered and uncompromisingly road-tested. Multiple precision tweaks were made during the research and development phase – thanks to both 3D modelling and real-time wearability trials. FITness leggings fit perfectly on each part of your leg, waist & hips, independently and collectively – without one compromising another. No more embarrassing riding up, or constant sagging. They are engineered to hug your body specifically at each point, providing you with the highest level of comfort and shape.

Just Breethe

One size fits no-one! “We believe this wholeheartedly and have therefore scientifically developed our proprietary sizing system, with more size options and measuring in all the correct places.” says Marc. “We understand that fabric breathability plays a big factor in comfort and indeed, fitness for purpose. You need to sweat but you don’t need to be sweaty or sticky. Our meticulously selected high quality cotton blend fabric fits perfectly due to the cut of our garments and some ingenious internal fusing. Naturally fitting – and no need for stretchy oil derived synthetics.” he adds.

In addition to their FITness leggings, their FITness Shorts have been engineered to hold your shape with structure not stretch. Making sure you stay true to form!

Just Breethe

MatchFIT Polo Shirts for Men and Women:
Their MatchFIT Polo Shirts are soft, breathable, perfectly fitted and offer unrestricted wearability. The engineered cuts are specifically designed never to pull at the neck when standing, moving, working or playing.  Arms and shoulders are fitted, but cut correctly to give the feeling of complete freedom. Made with high quality 90% pure cotton, the MatchFIT Polo Shirt is so light to the touch all you need to think about is your game. They have been cut specifically for men and women – no shapeless, genderless generics – they are darted for style and fit! The collar is fused to remain super soft yet proudly upstanding and smart. Wash after wash after wash.

IntiMIT Panties:
Raise a smile with these cheeky little numbers; their IntiMIT range has vertical ruching that gives the shape and lines of a g-string without the discomfort. Pulling neatly into two distinct curves your clothes will drape beautifully and you can enjoy the feeling of being ‘firmly free’. Engineered to fit and hold you in unparalleled comfort purely using correct cuts, sizing and internal fusing to create weightless structure and form. The IntiMIT range is manufactured using a breathable, hypoallergenic, moisture dispelling 94% cotton blend, and allows you to really feel like you’re wearing nothing, yet completely secure at the same time. 

Just BreetheDuraFit Socks:
Uniquely, their proprietary sock design is holistically considered and comprehensively engineered to perform perfectly in every detail. First off they are shaped distinctly for the left and right feet, which might not sound important, but would you accept less from a shoe!? “One size fits no-one ; and never more so than when it comes to socks.  80% of us are either wearing tight socks or have an inch of spare toe or heel crammed into shoes.” says Marc. DuraFIT socks come in 5 adult sizes, not 1 or even 2, but 5. Less sock, more glove that supports your feet. After all, they support you! DuraFIT are padded in all the right places, bringing relief to your pressure points and adding a new level of comfort.  “We’ve even made the toes seamless – it’s perfectly round and smooth” he adds. Moisture wicking textile technology is integrated into their knit to promote moisture evaporation and breathability. Keeping you fresh all day and into your evening. The finely woven branded pattern creates panels of ventilation and lightness of touch.

“With all our garments, we take our impact on the environment seriously. We have crafted every product to last as long as possible.” says Marc.

Buy less, less often, reduce waste and in turn, the cost of production on the planet. All while, feeling – and looking – comfortable and on trend.

That’s Better!