Furniture Must-Haves This Winter

There’s a lot to love about winter…

Cozy evenings on the couch or settling into your bedroom with a good book or ending the day in front of a crackling fire with a glass of wine.

It’s the time of year when we all crave that extra dose of homely comfort.

And what better way to embrace the season than by transforming your home into an inviting winter sanctuary?

Cielo shares furniture must-haves for your bedroom and living room this winter – essentials that will elevate your favourite spaces into havens of comfort and irresistible style.

Luxurious Duvets and Bedding

Indulging yourself with a luxuriously soft and warm duvet is the first ingredient to ensuring your bedroom is your go-to destination for all-embracing comfort at the end of any cold, unforgiving day.

When it comes to winter duvet filling options, popular choices are duck feather, duck feather down, and microfiber. Pick feathers for that firmer feeling of security, feather down to sleep in a thick, fluffy cloud, or microfibre for something comfortably in between.

A duvet covered with 100% cotton adds an additional layer of luxury. Look for tog ratings upwards of 10.5 to keep you snug throughout the South African winter, while still giving you a duvet that’s versatile enough for year-round use.


Fabric Headboards

It’s hard to overstate the aesthetic and functional impact of a well-chosen headboard.

And this winter, there’s no better choice than a fabric headboard to add a swathe of tactile comfort and visual warmth to your bed, while effortlessly upgrading the look of your bedroom.

A fabric headboard also adds much needed insulation from the cold wall, and provides plush support for relaxing, sitting, or working in bed – so why not give yourself one more good reason to work from home?

When choosing a fabric headboard for winter colour schemes, opt for neutral hues such as muted greys, soft beige or brown, or warm off-whites to create a serene and calming atmosphere.


They’ll blend seamlessly with existing décor and add timeless elegance to your space, giving you the freedom to change your bedroom colours and accents with the seasons.

Choose high-quality fabrics that provide tactile and visual appeal and will also stand the test of time.

Microfibre, polyester and velvet offer sumptuous texture to indulge the senses, while adding sophistication and depth to your bedroom decor.

Adjustable Beds – Sleeping Comfort At The Touch Of A Button

In the realm of luxurious bedding, adjustable beds are becoming the next must-have upgrade, offering supreme comfort in addition to an impressive range of health and wellness benefits. They can also be coupled with a standalone headboard to complement and enhance your décor.

With standard features like head and foot adjustment at the touch of a button, adjustable beds offer a customizable sleep experience tailored to your individual needs, habits and lifestyle.

Many adjustable beds can be configured to the ‘zero gravity’ position, simulating a feeling of weightlessness which alleviates pressure on joints and promotes circulation. Some models also offer split beds to cater to partners with different sleep preferences.


Beyond immediate comfort and convenience, the benefits of adjustable beds extend from significantly improved sleep quality, to alleviating common sleep-related issues, such as snoring, sleep apnoea, acid reflux, swelling and inflammation, and chronic aches and pains related to poor sleeping posture.

Investing in an adjustable bed will effectively turn your bedroom into the ultimate sleep and lifestyle sanctuary, where you’ll always wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle those icy winter mornings.

The Relaxing Corner Couch

The corner couch has become a combined emblem of comfort and style for the modern living space.

While usually bigger than the average couch in floor footprint, the L-shape couch offers more seating in return for real estate.

With ample space for family, friends and pets, a corner couch can transform any space into an enticing, friendly nook for fun and games, cozy conversation, or those must-have afternoon naps.

When deciding on couch upholstery, consider your style preferences as well as practical concerns when it comes to maintenance and durability, particularly if your home is a high traffic zone with kids or pets.

Modern polyesters, microfibre and leather are all standout options combining luxury and practicality to keep the whole family smiling.


As the colder months settle in, it’s time to transform your home into a harmonious oasis of comfort, warmth and trendy winter style.

Embrace the season and surround yourself with all good things to keep the homely fires alive this winter.

Your dream haven awaits.


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