Bash Canvas Studios

Bash unveils Canvas Studios, a new women’s clothing brand celebrating local artists & stylists

Bash, TFG’s fashion and lifestyle shopping platform, launches Canvas Studios – a new women’s clothing brand built upon the foundations of individuality and creativity. With a vision to showcase the range inspired by artful women, Canvas Studios features two influential local artists and stylists, Amy Ayanda and Masego Morgan, to bring the brand to life through the campaign. Ayanda and Morgan’s edits aim to fuse the world of art and fashion, emphasizing freedom as the essence of personal style.

Canvas Studios embraces the notion of your wardrobe as a blank canvas, ready to be transformed into a unique work of art that reflects your true self. With clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, the designs are timeless and wearable, allowing anyone to effortlessly express their fashion-forward sensibilities.

Bash Canvas Studios

Multifaceted creative from Cape Town, Amy Ayanda is inspired by the region’s fynbos and flora. She renders her profound love for home in dappled colour, capturing the beauty and diversity of our landscape in her art. “I really love the pieces in the capsule. They are bright and fun while still being minimal and sophisticated, which is what I go for when I put a look together. I loved how the pieces worked in the studio space, my bright pieces, and pops of fresh flowers. It felt comfortable and effortless to collaborate with Canvas Studios.” says Ayanda.

Of the collaboration with Ayanda and Masego; Akim Jardine, Style Lead at Canvas Studios and Bash, said: “Both these women have such a clear and certain sense of expression. We love Amy’s perspective on femininity, womanhood and motherhood expressed playfully in her work through creatures, landscapes, and nature. Her version of the world is surreal and tangible at the same time. Celebrating that complexity is something that stands out to us about Amy and her work. We were so taken by Masego’s eye for sustainable craft and design which we feel aligns to the brand’s core sensibilities. Her ability to create simply and purely from what the earth gives us is the kind of creativity that Canvas Studios stands behind. Paired with her spirited sense of style, and her love for unconventional layering – we just knew she had to be a #CanvasGirl.”

Bash Canvas Studios

From elevated essentials to statement pieces, each garment is meticulously crafted to provide a surface for your personal artistry. Whether you want to make a bold statement or create an understated ensemble, Canvas Studios empowers you to paint your fashion masterpiece.

“I loved talking through the pieces with David West, understanding where the inspiration came from and where different pieces were made. I also loved seeing how the team worked together to create something beautiful, everyone helped each other out where they could, and I really appreciated having my voice heard in the decision process of what I wore.” says Masego

Canvas Studios is exclusively available at Bash. To shop the brand now, simply download the Bash app or visit

Amy Ayanda’s edit is available to shop here

Masego Morgan’s edit launches on 1 November

View the full Canvas Studios collection here
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