Pichulik Terra Therma

Exclusive: Welcome Pichulik’s Terra Therma Collection for winter

Pichulik explores the metaphor of beginnings of new life. Over the past few years, our world has been under siege, ravished by a pandemic, crippled by corrupt leadership, and plagued by conflict and war. This collection looks beyond the devastation, towards a time when the embers are glowing, the smoke is settling and from the ashes, a new cycle of rejuvenation and growth begins.

Fiamma earrings R1 350.00
‘La Fiamma’ symbolizes a flame. Let these flickering brass earrings kindle your purpose and passion.
Material detail: Copper discs hand wrapped with soft rope, brass tubes and custom brass studs with silver pins.
Colours: Airforce Blue, Beige, Olive, Blue, Maroon

Pichulik Terra Therma
Fiamma earrings beige

Sierra earrings R1 250.00
Sierra is a jagged mountain range. May these earrings ground you in your own strength and magnitude.
Material detail: Copper discs hand wrapped with soft rope and assembled with custom brass studs with silver pins.
Colours: Beige, Taupe, Olive

Pichulik Terra Therma
Sierra earrings taupe & Terra choker black-brown

Ember earrings R1 350.00
The glowing embers of these lava earrings celebrate transformation. The end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one.
Material detail: Soft rope embellished with natural lava stones, brass accents and custom brass studs with silver pins.
Colours: Beige, Olive

Lurra earrings R1 100.00
Amalur, the Basque ‘mother earth’ deity, sustains and nourishes us through our seasons.
Material detail: Brass discs and natural lava stones assembled with cord to custom brass studs with silver pins.
Colours: Lava Natural, Lava Black

Pichulik Terra Therma
Lurra earrings lava natural & Terra choker beige

Raku earrings R1 100.00
Raku is the Japanese reiki symbol for the fire serpent. These stone earrings ground us after a time of change and healing.
Material detail: Stones linked with soft rope to custom brass studs with silver pins.

Tigers-eye is known for its protective properties.
Jade is known to bring good luck.
Obsidian is known to bring clarity.
Red Jasper is considered a nurturing stone.

Nova earrings R950.00
Nova is a star that suddenly increases in luminosity and then gradually returns to its original brightness. A flash of genius and personal magic.
Material detail: Custom ball studs with silver pins and an assembly of bronze-plated hematite beads.

Noor pendant R850.00
Noor means ‘light’ in Arabic. Let this assembly of stone and brass amplify your light.
Material detail: Thin rope adorned with a brass and malachite pendant and finished with brass disc caps.
Colours: Honey, Malachite

Pichulik Terra Therma
Noor pendant honey

Gaia pendant R1 350.00
The Gaia pendant, with its repetitive wrapping and glints of brass, celebrates the rhythmic continuity of earth’s cycles.
Material detail: A copper disc pendant hand wrapped with rope and brass tubes with a soft rope strap and custom brass end caps.
Colours: Beige, Olive, Honey

Pichulik Terra Therma
Gaia pendant copper

Terra choker R1 200.00
Terra is earth. This bold choker, forged of brass and earthen tones, reminds us to be rooted in our own power.
Material detail: Rope assembled with brass caps.
Colours: Olive, Brown, Beige, Black

Pichulik Terra Therma
Terra choker beige

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Pichulik is an ethical jewellery, accessories atelier based in Cape Town, South Africa. Rooted in Africa, and inspired by ancient traditions and cultures around the world, PICHULIK seeks to impart sacred feminine wisdom through its unique and intentional designs.