Berdoues fragrances

Berdoues fragrances celebrates 120 years of inspired beauty

Fascinated by perfumes, the BERDOUES family created its eponymous brand, a bountiful and authentic world of fragrances, applying French high perfumery’s hallowed practises.

“For 120 years, we have been passing this perfumer and cosmetic know-how from generation to generation. We work to develop products that are authentic, inspired by nature and charged with emotion.”

Reinventing themselves everyday

Their 120th anniversary offers the opportunity to celebrate their history and to highlight their values, savoir-faire and commitments.

Since 1902, they have passed down a unique savoir-faire from generation to generation. They work to develop authentic, high-quality products filled with emotions.

Today, they reflect Berdoues’ ambitions to preserve their heritage and the strength of their innovation.

Berdoues history

1902 In 1902, Guillaume Berdoues, a hairdresser and barber, developed an amber-coloured Cologne to complete his clients’ shaving ritual. He became passionately involved in the fragrance world, and before long he opened a perfume boutique on Rue Lafayette in the city centre of his hometown, Toulouse.

1936 His son, Henri – a chemical engineer and artist at heart –, created a delicate scent inspired by the violet of Toulouse. He developed an innovative distillation process that was the first to make use of the leaves instead of the flowers, which brought the fragrance a soft, verdant note.

1970 He naturally passed along that passion to Pierre, the third generation of the company, a perfume lover and true “nez”. He created an affordable Eau de Cologne line with a bright, sparkling, joyful spirit, revealing simple scents with surprising fragrance complexity: Vetiver, Tonic, Natural, and so on.

2018 With kind-heartedness and determination, Sophie is undertaking an entire overhaul of the entire brand to propose fragrances and skincare that are better for the health. The phrase that has become a mantra for all her teams is: “Let’s provide more meaning.”

Today, this continuing, continual innovation is carried forward by more than 60 employees in Toulouse who are proud to give their best and surpass their limits to provide products that are better for you and for the planet.

Berdoues fragrances

Berdoues fragrances reveals the beauty of nature thanks to:

  • Formulas containing up to 100% ingredients of natural origin
  • Ingredients procured through short supply chains where possible, respecting irreproachable ethics such as fair-trade organic aloe vera from Mexico
  • Vegan formulas
  • A great quantity of organic ingredients

Better for the planet:

  • Recyclable
  • Biodegradable rinse-out formulas
  • Free of over-wrapping and cellophane
  • PEFC cardboard taken from sustainably managed forests

Proposing natural, clean, healthy products:

  • Containing no controversial ingredients
  • Free of colouring
  • Formulated and manufactured in Toulouse
  • Tested under dermatological control

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