Oil To Foam Total Cleanser From Dermalogica

Beauty Must Have | Oil To Foam Total Cleanser From Dermalogica

All the benefits, half of the time : new oil to foam total cleanser washes away almost everything. 

As pioneers of the Double Cleanse, the experts at Dermalogica believe the secret to ultra-clean, healthy-looking skin is cleansing twice: first with an oil-based cleanser, then with a traditional cleanser. But sometimes, we just don’t have the time to Double Cleanse – we’re all looking for multifunctional products that work twice as hard, twice as fast.

Oil To Foam Total Cleanser From Dermalogica

Introducing Oil to Foam Total Cleanser, an all-in-one make-up remover and cleanser. One wash removes make-up, sunscreen, debris, excess sebum, and pollutants while leaving skin instantly soft and smooth.*

The formula starts as a golden gel-oil infused with Sea Buckthorn Oil that melts away layers of make-up, sunscreen, debris, and excess sebum. A splash of water transforms the gel-oil into a rich, cloud-like foam to wash away any remaining impurities. A plant-derived prebiotic acts as a moisture magnet, supporting long-lasting hydration and leaving skin feeling instantly soft and smooth.

Oil To Foam Total Cleanser From Dermalogica

*Based on independent clincal study results with 30 volunteers, one application. 

Oil to Foam Total Cleanser comes in an 250 mL bottle – retailing for R1 199.00. Find it at authorized Dermalogica spas, salons and skin centres.