Backsberg Ella Pinotage Rosé

Backsberg Celebrates Women’s Month with Ella Pinotage Rosé Promotion

In honour of Women’s Month in South Africa, Backsberg Family Wines celebrates all women who break barriers, shatter glass ceilings and contribute to the advancement and successes of their industries, communities, families and homes.

Perfectly timed with the arrival of spring, the upcoming warmer weather and promise of pool days, Backsberg proudly presents a special promotion featuring their popular Provencal-style Ella Pinotage Rosé.

Backsberg Ella Pinotage Rosé

Valid from 28 July until end-August 2023, all online direct orders of 18 bottles/3 cases will receive 6 bottles free of charge—a generous 4 for 3 drink pink offer! As an additional tribute to Women’s Month, Backsberg will offer complimentary delivery on this drink pink promotion, providing a seamless and convenient experience for all leading ladies and fellow wine enthusiasts.

This special offer not only celebrates this exquisite wine but also pays tribute to all the women of South Africa, as well as Backsberg’s very own Alicia Rechner- the remarkable female winemaker whose expertise and femininity have helped propel the brand forward for the past 22 years.

Backsberg Ella Pinotage Rosé

As South Africa celebrates women breaking barriers, Alicia Rechner stands as a shining example of female empowerment within the wine industry. Her unwavering dedication, innovation and expertise have contributed to the continued success of the brand which spans 107 years of winemaking history.

The Ella Pinotage Rosé perfectly embodies the spirit of Women’s Day, with this dry wine speaking to the elegance and sophistication associated with femininity. Harmonising the robustness of Pinotage with the purity of a rosé results in quintessential notes of wild strawberries, mint and grapefruit that dance on the palate.

Join Backsberg Family Wines in raising a toast to the achievements and indomitable spirit of all women, world over.

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