G-Star RAW jumpsuit

Back to the 90’s – take a look at G-Star RAW’s new jumpsuit capsule collection

G-Star RAW shows new jumpsuit capsule collection with aerial silk dancers.

The Jumpsuit was a true G-Star icon from the brand’s start in 1989. And now with 90’s nostalgia taking over the fashion industry, the return of the one-piece is back and ever present.

G-Star RAW jumpsuit

The sky’s the limit.

The jumpsuit originated as an outfit for parachuters and skydivers to wear specifically for jumping from planes. G-Star RAW’s new campaign takes inspiration from this in their unique collaboration with aerial silk dancers. The silk dancers were captured high in the sky, showcasing their acrobatic art and effortless flexibility in multiple jumpsuits, made for movement.

G-Star RAW jumpsuit

Executed in a range of diverse fabrics, fits and colorways. Adjustable features such as expandable cuffs and elasticated waistbands are prominent elements within each suit. Paired with different denim styles, ready to wear in, make your own and style up or down. 

The Spring/Summer 2022 Jumpsuits capsule collection is available in stores and on g-star.com from now onwards.