2022 skincare products and predictions

It is no secret that the skincare industry is constantly evolving and those in the know, keep up to date with the latest in research and development in the quest for perfect skin.

Dr Alek Nikolic, renowned specialist in aesthetic medicine and owner of SkinMiles, explains that “We are seeing an increasing demand from our clients for clean skincare and eco-friendly packaging, so we expect to see this continue to grow in 2022. As well as this, another big trends is the move to multifunctional products and at-home treatments such as  chemical peels.” Dr Nikolic shares some of his biggest skincare predictions for 2022.

Multifunctional products

We can expect to see the growth of various multifunctional products, which offer multiple benefits and ingredients rather than just one.

“We’re seeing that our customers want to opt for a few really good products that get the job done, rather than having to invest in multiple products.. We just don’t have the time anymore! That being said, they are still interested in trying more products and experiencing their benefits, so expect more product options, but a shorter skincare routine,” says Dr Nikolic.

Interestingly, because of an increase in screen time with working from home and social media, skincare products containing blue screen protection will be seen more in the future.

These are Dr Nikolic’s product suggestions:

sk.in gloss | radiant shot: a combination of vitamin C with skin barrier repair Ingredients

sk.in bounce | combo shot: a combination vitamin c with retinol and skin barrier repair Ingredients

sk.in flash 2 | repair shot: a combination retinol with skin barrier repair Ingredients


CBD and hemp products

CBD and hemp-derived ingredients has been an interesting, yet welcoming addition to the beauty market. This trend also speaks to the growing want for cleaner natural products that have less chemicals and less of an impact on the environment. “We will continue to see a strong focus in this category, especially with the aim of glowing skin following our COVID ‘hibernation’,” adds Dr Nikolic.

These are Dr Nikolic’s product suggestions:

OLIO Firming Serum – With CBD


AFRAKARI Soothing Marula CBD Elixir

At-home treatments

Skincare brands and salons have felt the pinch during the pandemic, which resulted in a pivot for most of them. “As we head into the new year we can look forward to greater use of at-home treatments such as chemical peels and technology based devices, such as the Foreo Bear and UFO ranges,” he says.

Brands will start offering more at-home professional treatments, allowing for a larger retail range for consumers. Despite more people being open to trying treatments at home, it is unlikely that people will ever stop going to salons – the products will simply act as an ‘added-extra’ to their skincare routine.

These are Dr Nikolic’s product suggestions:

sk.in avenge | glyco-10

KSURGERY LABORATORIES Overnight Biphasic Peeling

NEOSTRATA Smooth Surface Glycolic Peel

Sustainable products 

With the summer months ahead, there has always been a huge focus on high SPF products. However, with the world moving towards a greener and cleaner state of mind, reef-safe products are growing in popularity, especially within this category.

There has also been a shift where brands move towards a more eco-conscious approach with regards to the ingredients used and their packaging, thanks to an increase demand for clean beauty. Consumers are starting to understand ‘ingredients’ and want to know they are doing their part in helping the environment.

As for 2021 the biggest take away from the last year for Dr Nikolic is that less is more. “‘Skinimalism’ is definitely a thing. This year we saw more people adopting minimalistic skincare routine and this trend will continue into 2022.” says Nikolic. “This past year also saw an increased focus on eyecare, however I want to see more consumers attend to their skincare at an entirety.

These are Dr Nikolic’s product suggestions:

SKINCEUTICALS Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50

MINERAL FUSION Brush-On Sun Defense SPF 30

COLORESCIENCE Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 50 Medium

COLORESCIENCE Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 Flex

Lastly, after almost two years of being cooped up, go have some fun. We are totally ready to show off a healthy glowing skin.

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