Vicky Ruger

Vicky Rüger has discovered the ultimate running companion in the New Balance 1080’s

Lacing up her sneakers, the dynamo New Balance #RunYourWay ambassador, Vicky Rüger, embarked on an electrifying quest to find the crème de la crème of running companions. Little did she know that her journey would lead her straight into the loving embrace of the New Balance 1080’s, where comfort, performance, and sheer excitement converge in a symphony of awesomeness. These shoes haven’t just caught Rüger’s eye; they’ve got her bubbling with enthusiasm, ready to spill the beans to her fellow runners.

As an avid sharer of running wisdom and camaraderie among athletes, Rüger passionately attests to the life-altering potential of the perfect pair of running shoes. She fully understands the significance of top-notch footwear in reaching those holy grails of personal bests. Now, with the New Balance 1080’s gearing up for their Cape Town debut this October, Rüger’s excitement is positively infectious, and she’s primed to lead the charge for runners worldwide.

“Being a New Balance Run Your Way ambassador, I get the power of running within a community,” says Rüger. “Running with a group connects you with kindred spirits who share your burning passion for the sport, amplifying your social experience and delivering that invaluable shot of motivation,” she adds with a grin.

Speaking of the ultimate running companion, the New Balance 1080’s are the very definition of versatility and performance. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill running shoes; they’re New Balance’s crown jewels. According to a New Balance insider, “Whether you’re chasing peak performance, prepping for your next marathon, or simply relishing a leisurely jog, the 1080 offers unrivaled comfort and support.”

Enter the Fresh Foam X 1080v13, the undisputed champ of underfoot cushioning, boasting buttery-smooth transitions honed to perfection through next-level midsole mapping. This breakthrough douses wider sections of the midsole with plush foam while cranking up flexibility in all the right places. So, no matter where your fancy footwork takes you or how you groove, remember this: the New Balance 1080 is your steadfast, cozy, and rock-solid partner for the journey.

Rüger is an unwavering believer in the concept of having a companion while running, and this companion doesn’t necessarily have to be a human being. Just as she’s discovered comfort, support, and camaraderie in the New Balance 1080’s, you too can find your running soulmate right under your feet.

Get pumped for your own pulse-pounding running escapade with the New Balance 1080’s, launching this October in Cape Town. Your perfect running sidekick is just around the corner! So, are you ready to #RunYourWay with Vicky Rüger and the New Balance 1080’s?

The Fresh Foam X 1080v13 will be available for purchase at on 13 October 2023 with a retail price of R3 599.00. Make sure to follow @newbalancerunning for the latest updates and creative content.

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