Terre Paisible Olive Oils, Aromatique, Gold Winner at 2023 SAOLIVE Awards

SA Olive Gold Award: Terre Paisible Extra Virgin Olive Oil – an Ode to Source

The farm’s olive oil trio is the result of a harmonious partnership with nature

Hemmed into a fertile valley at the gateway of Franschhoek in the Western Cape, Terre Paisible is home to some of the region’s most loved and award-winning Sauvignon blanc wines. Perhaps lesser known, the farm’s trio of Extra Virgin Olive Oils has its own award-winning heritage. Crafted with dedication, their olive oil, much like their wine, is an ode to its source. It is the culmination of an ongoing synergy with nature.

The farm’s name, Terre Paisible (peaceful land), was born of its idyllic setting. Cushioned in a verdant farming valley and embraced by the Simonsberg and Groot Drakenstein mountains, there’s an inherent sense of enchantment and vitality to the estate. Having once captivated the farm’s owner, it’s this intangible spirit that he wishes to channel into the brand’s full lifestyle offering, soon to include a luxury wellness retreat with a medical aesthetics spa.

Certified and subjected to the SA Olive code of conduct, Terre Paisible Extra Virgin Olive Oil is as much a product of the farm’s terroir and climate as its careful production journey from fruit to bottle. Including the Délicate Huile d’Olive, Modérée Huile d’Olive and Aromatique Huile d’Olive (Gold winner at the 2023 SA OLIVE Awards), each of their three blends is a masterful combination drawn from five superior Italian olive varietals – Favolosa, Frantoio, Leccino, Coratina and Delicata. Much like a fine wine, each offers its own flavour profile.

Harvesting and sorting by hand at peak condition ensures that each fruit is treated with the utmost care and any the purity of the fruit is protected. Once harvested, the olives are cold-pressed to preserve the natural antioxidants, oleic and linoleic acids. This, in addition to the lack of additives and preservatives, results in a luxurious and peppery oil of the finest quality, an artisanal product that enhances any culinary experience.

As the name suggests, their Délicate Huile d’Olive is best suited for use in sautéing, cooking, and baking. With hints of green tomatoes, herbs and artichokes and a mild pepperiness, it’s best suited to grilled seafood, cheesy omelettes, or salad dressings.

Terre Paisible Olive Oils, Délicate

Moderately aromatic, the Modérée Huile d’Olive is crafted to enhance grilled meats, fish, and roasted vegetables with notes of green olive, olive leaf, artichoke, almonds, herbs and a mild peppery finish. Its subtle spiciness enhances pasta dishes, grilled shellfish, and pan-fried fresh fish.

Terre Paisible Olive Oils, Modérée

With a more prominent profile, the brand’s signature blend and Gold winner at the 2023 SA OLIVE Awards, Aromatique Huile d’Olive is a full-bodied oil that will enhance any dish with its distinctive, layered taste. It’s also delicious as a stand-alone dip for warm, crusty bread.

Single origin, sustainably farmed and created with a deep respect for the craft of premium extra virgin olive oil making, Terre Paisible’s olive oils are deserving of a place at any epicurean’s table. A product of time, passion and craftsmanship, each bottle is imbued with the spirit of its origin ­– the peaceful land. 

Did you know?
The term extra virgin is given to olive oils that are extracted only from the first olive pressing, and without the use of heat as in regular olive oil production. Extra virgin olive oil is naturally healthy, rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fats which promote heart health. Its comparatively high smoke point (between 200 and 220°C) means that it can be used to sauté, bake and even deep fry and, contrary to popular belief, it retains many of its beneficial properties even after cooking.

Available from the Terre Paisible website at R175.00 each | www.terrepaisible.com